Passion! Do you have it? / 你有热血吗?

Passion! Do you have it?

When we mention about ‘passion’, what comes to mind? Storms and adventures scenes from comics, action packed youthful movies, rock music, etc. Actor Stephen Chow once said “If a man does not have a dream, what difference is he with salted fish?” Rather than be an aimless walking dead person, why not take a step out of the ordinary, and add some passion and colours to life.


Passion, it’s an attitude!


The mention of “Slam Dunk” comic book series could bring back fond memories for some of you. The protagonist is a good comic representation of one who carries the passion of life. From the beginning, in his purse for the love of his life, armed with and his never say die and never give up attitude, and how he overcame life’s challenges and to his eventual discovery, passion and love for basketball.


The story shares the combination of his folly and passion, and how they somehow became his unexpected gains, which eventually lead him to recognise and discover his deepest desires. In his ‘last war’, even though he was seriously injured, he knows he needed to be in the courts and he said “the most glorious moment is right now!”


Passion is not about turning back, “no matter how others may see me, I will continue to push forward”. Passion is like a double-edged sword where some may view it as being stubborn, but the depth of one’s desire can only be understood by one self and it becomes his motivation and driving force.


But as we continuously push forward together with our passion, at times we may hit some obstacles along the way, and it’s the price we pay for growth and progress. One must also learn to overcome their fear and pain, and be brave and take responsibility for their actions. All these are proves of one’s eagerness and willingness to reach for their dreams.


Passion, it’s a dream.

If we are full of steam like that of a stallion, without a direction, we would be bolting around aimlessly wasting our energies and efforts. Passion is a motivator and driving force in the pursuit of our dreams.


Society classifies the younger generation as ‘strawberries’, where they look good on the outside, but are unable to endure the hardship and pressure. The director of the movie begs to differ, as he argues the younger generation just hasn’t found their direction. Once you give them a direction and a purpose, they will be willing to adhere and endure all life has got to offer!


For bystanders, challenging the seedlings of dreams is easy but to help build a dream from ground up is a very difficult. If we are able to turn the wet blanket into encouragements, we just might be able to turn a bad situation positive. If we constantly work and push towards our dreams, given the proper guidance, we will surely chart our course in life.



Passion, it’s a memory


When we reach a certain age, we always reminisce in “those were the days”, and we will always have an incredible story behind each memorable experiences, and it forms the building blocks for our passions.


As we look back at the passion of our youths, they may not all bear fruits. As the movie, , your passion may not eventually lead you towards a beautiful and fulfil ending, and that’s just life.


If it’s really futile, why should we continue to push? But if you don’t try, you wouldn’t know what that outcome might be. Without any action you cannot expect results, as we need to remember to focus on the process and not the end result. For without the process, we will not have a story to tell. For without the youthful memories and stories, we will not have any climax in the plots and development as it unfolds itself in the movie.


Igniting Passion


“I am old and without passion”. So is passion exclusive for the young and youthful? This is not necessarily true. Moreover, many young people nowadays may look older than they really are, but they still fail to reflect their vigor, youth and passion.


Passion has nothing to do with a person’s age. As long as our mind is full of vitality, our passion can take many forms anywhere we are. One of Taiwan’s top-grossing documentary film to date, “young old riders” is a good example and proof, where it documented a group of 81 year old seniors who rode their motorcycles around the entire island of Taiwan in 13 days.


This group of seniors comprises of two cancer patients, four needing hearing aids, five with hypertension, and even the group’s leader had to make 3 stops at the hospitals during the trip. This documentary was to depict how with passion, one can overcome bodily limitations, to achieve their impossible dream.


As such, passion is not limited only for the young, but it is the unreserved expression of one’s spirit, motivation and enthusiasm for life. This documentary is just one of the proofs as there are many inspirational stories that illustrate this same point. Passion should not be a slogan but one’s action must reflect the same enthusiasm.

“Life is a constant fight”. Since we cannot change the past, we should instead arm ourselves with the passion in life and move forward in battle, to explore the infinite possibilities that life has to offer. But we must remember not to let our passion to fill our minds, but to also use our wisdom and conscious, or we risk putting ourselves in peril.






















































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