“From Malaysia With Love” Concert / 《用马来西亚的天气来说爱你》跨年演唱会


From Malaysia With Love!” Concert – New Year Countdown in Penang

10,000 people gathered to celebrate the closing of the year 2012 with enthusiasm at the “From Malaysia With Love” concert at Han Chiang High School, which was co-organised and co-sponsored by Astro and 988 radio DJs.

Gracing the event were popular musicians and 25 other Astro personalities, who sang from over 45 rock ballads, to romantic love songs, to electronic, amongst others – all of which were locally written songs with a touch of local flavours.

Astro successfully brought forth the theme of the event by singing to the tunes of popular local songs, in particular those written by Ah Nui like “Looky Here”, “Mamak Stall”, “City Blue Sky”, amongst others. Together with the shaking of maraca-like sand filled bottles which were handed out to all who attended, the event felt like a mass sing-along celebration session that authentically shouts “From Malaysia With Love”!









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