The World Didn’t End. Cheers To A Merrier New Year! /末日不末,迎接更美好的一年!


The World Didn’t End. Cheers To A Merrier New Year!

The myth surrounding 21 December 2012 to be the end of the world is now scotched. As we enter into a New Year, we can’t help but have a sense of greater joy and anticipation of what’s to come.

The end of the world came and gone peacefully, many resolve to live a better life now that they are given a ‘second chance’ in life.

At the closing of every year, we always hope to do better in the New Year. If the life we are living is not better than yesteryears, and if the future is not any better than now, then what is the meaning of living?

The outlook of 2013 is not only to wish for world peace, but also for an improvement in our economy; especially for those of us staying in the city, it will be for the cost of living to be reduced.

We should all work hard to chase our dreams. Be it in relationship, career, family or health, let’s wish for it all to come to fruition, and let us continue to grow during the process and ultimately become a better me.

Here’s wishing everyone a fulfilled New Year, and to find a better “us”!















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