Be Sweat Free – Towards a sweat free lifestyle

Be Sweat Free – Towards a sweat free lifestyle

Petaling Jaya – One of the leading medical providers in the Klang Valley, iHEAL Medical Centre held a
celebration to rejoice with 200 of its patient that are now enjoying a sweat-free lifestyle. This ‘Celebration of
200 iHEAL Patients Being Sweat Free’ is to build awareness among the public that are experiencing excessive
sweaty palms or palmar hyperhidrosis, a condition that can be treated permanently.

Former patients were invited to kick-off the occasion alongside of Dr. David Khoo Sin Keat,  Consultant
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeon who pioneered this surgery in Malaysia since 2001.

This public event provided those suffering from Hyperhidrosis an opportunity to be consulted by qualified
paramedical staff and former patients were there to share their experience with those who are seeking for a
permanent solution to this condition.

Dr. David Khoo said, “such conditions affect about 2% of the world’s population causing uncontrollable
excessive sweating in the palms, armpits, face and soles causing emotional and mental disturbance to those
who are suffering from it hence affecting their regular life and work. Therefore, hyperhidrosis is classified as a

Dr. David Khoo also added that this 15 minutes operation only requires two 5mm cuts below the armpits that
carry minimal pain and scarring. Patients are able to get back to their regular work or lifestyle within hours.

According to a mother of a patient, Madam Tay, “Before the surgery, my son was unable to concentrate on his
homework because his teacher would often be distraught by the pace of his writing, he writes really slowly to
avoid his books from being wet and smudged with ink stains caused by his sweat. He would also be worried of
being electrocuted every time he touches a light switch. If I would have known about this surgery earlier, I
would have definitely sent him for treatment immediately. His grades have now improved since and now he is
leading much confident lifestyle.”

This event has provided those who are here an opportunity to learn more about hyperhidrosis and to learn
more about finding a permanent solution so that they can lead a life that they have always wanted.

Why choose less invasive ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathicotomy) surgery?
Most importantly, less invasive surgeries are premeditated to provide patients with surgeries with less  pain,
minimal scarring, reduce blood loss, faster recovery time and subsequently shorter hospital stays. Patients can
anticipate returning to their regular daily lives in a matter of days and it reduces the incidence of postsurgeries complications. In a nutshell, the less invasive surgery will be a procedure that is easier on the
patients’ body, minimizing post-operative pain as well as scarring while speeding the healing process and
reducing the likelihood of post-surgical complications.

How does the hyperhidrosis ETS surgery procedure works?

By using a camera system, with the patient being under general anesthesia, two 5mm incisions are made
below the armpits and when sympathetic chains are identified, they will be closed with clips. Though it is a
permanent solution, if a patient chooses to restore his or her condition to before the surgery, it is reversible by removing the clips.

Are there any side effects from the surgery?

There will not be any major side effects. Nonetheless, after the treatment, though their palms will stop
sweating, some patients will experience compensation sweating at the back but it is a tolerable condition.

“This is an opportunity that is given to the public, for them to openly ask our experts and former patient
questions which they will normally avoid without feeling embarrassed. This is the least we can do to build
awareness concerning this condition,” Dr. David Khoo added.

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