Ah Niu, no longer a Kampung Boy / 阿牛不再是邻家男孩

Ah Niu, no longer a Kampung Boy. 


Hailing from Penang, is a kampong boy that has made it big in the entertainment industry. His success is not defined by his looks nor his style, but it’s that friendly sincere boy next door look, a very localised and unique voice, that has helped him find fame as a musician, actor and now a director of movies. He’s more popularly known as Ah Niu.

The name is an extension of the man himself. He’s an easy going, humble and down to earth. His songs are catchy, easy to sing along and are stories of our daily lives; of things we can easily relate to. 

At the start of our interview with Ah Niu, the impression we get of him is that of a strict fatherly figure head who has a tight leash on things. But on the contrary, he shares his daughter is actually stricter, and in fact is the one that’s bullying or controlling of him.

He goes on to share, his twelve year old daughter is pretty stubborn, has got her own opinions of things, and he’s even got to reason with her when imparting a different opinion. In fact, he jokingly shares he doesn’t even feel like he’s the head of the house. 

At one stage, because of his very busy work schedule, his relationship with his daughter at one stage, seem somewhat distanced. Because of that, despite his crazy schedules, he consciously tries to make an effort to spend time with her and to strengthen their relationship. 

Life’s like a movie and we are the casts

Movies directed by Ah Niu like “Ice Kacang Puppy Love” or the more recent “The Wedding Diary 2” are a reflection of his personal life. As depicted in “The Wedding Diary 2”, where scenes of the lead actresses’ woes like leg cramps and such are all experiences his ex-wife has had. 

When ask if he’s brought his experience as a father into the big screen, he replies he tries where ever possible. 

Ah Niu also shares he’s really happy that child actor, Wei Wei’s, out-going personality has made the filming process a lot smoother as she’s not afraid of strangers despite her young age. He compares that with his daughter, who’s afraid of the opposite sex and people of other nationalities.

To him, the biggest challenge for him as an actor in the movie was to convincingly project ones’ emotion when crying. No matter how much emotional hurt the lead actress tried to inflict on him, it just wasn’t enough to bring him to tears. He then elaborate, he’s not used to crying in front people. He will usually hide himself away before he lets it go. For as the saying goes, men shed blood before tears, he always try to maintain macho!

Laws of Attraction

When filming “The Wedding Diary 2”, as the casts for this follow-up movie remains the same, we have had a lot of fun working on set and we really open our hearts and pour ourselves into the movie. Ah Niu also shares, Kara Hui and Marcus Chin are like a big kid, who’s very energetic, love to joke and play pranks. 

Kara Hui in particular likes to tease and punch Ah Niu in the chest, to the point where he’s now fearful of her. Whenever she’s close by, Ah Niu would naturally lift his hands to protect himself. Even though Ah Niu is already a father, he’s still like a kid that’s never really grown up, easily bullied but the life of the group. 

As a film director himself, Ah Niu does not interfere with the decisions of the film director Adrian Teh. He tries his best to live up to the expectations and requests. 































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