Your Animal Zodiac fares in the Year of The Snake / 十二生肖运势分析

Take a look at how your Animal Zodiac fares in the Year of The Snake. 

Dragon Outlook (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988) : Lady luck is on your side in the new year. Despite being a challenge past year, things will take a turn for the better this year. There will be a promotion in the area of work, and you will accomplish much and have much to show. However, be extra careful when handling relationships and people as trouble may loom. You will find success in the area of finance. Remember to seize the day and the opportunities, and it could be a year of plentiful. This year, you may feel lonely at times. Despite that, your relationship will flourish and blossom as you wish. You may also be down with some illness, take extra care in staying healthy. 

Snake Outlook (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989): Last year was a good year for many of you, but do take extra caution as you enter into the year of the snake. You may experience some challenges in life. There will be emotional highs and lows, resulting in not so favourable decisions made, and thus affect your luck in 2013. However, your lucky stars are shining bright for you and opportunities abound; these may just sweep away the bad luck. In the area of work, promotion is on the horizon; you may have to work a little harder, persevere on, and seize the opportunities before you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. You have to manage your wealth with care, avoid taking risk or gambling. There may not be much break-through in the area of love. Be extra careful in your personal safety, especially on when on the move and don’t take things for granted. 

Horse Outlook (1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990) : After a mediocre year, the new year will take a turn for the better. You will find help and favour from male colleagues, and things will be smooth sailing and improving. You will also have possibility of a promotion. As Murphy’s Law quotes, anything that can go wrong will go wrong; you will need to be careful in all your dealings or risk running into unexpected challenges. You will not have surprises in the area of wealth. Continue to be good steward of money, control your expenditure well and you may avoid losing money. Relationships with people will also flourish. There will not be a dull moment in the area of relationships but don’t give in to your desires or you may find yourself entangled. Be mindful of the tongue or risk unnecessary rumours. Your health remains well. Avoid drinking alcohol and other desires or you may find yourself being addicted. 

Goat Outlook (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991) : In the new year, you will experience an increase in the volume of work. You will also overcome challenges on your own. It’s a matter of survival in the area of work, where you will need to first take care of your own interest before others. Be fair in all your dealings, and sometimes it may even mean taking a step back or giving in for the better good. Going head-on will not be a good idea. You will experience a roller coaster ride in the area of wealth, stay on the ball when it comes to money management. Avoid gambling or high risk investments at all cost or risk the possibility of losing it all. Your relationship remains mediocre, disagreements with your partners is just a part of living and some tender loving care is needed. Your health may not be great for the year and you may fall ill frequently. Take extra care especially when travelling on land and in the sea. You must also take care of elderlies in the family as they might experience hospitalisation or death. 

Monkey Outlook (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992) : The outlook for the year is not very good for you. Especially those whose revolves around people or is in the public service. There will be rumours about you and it may bring along with it some challenges, may affect your relationships with others. Challenges abound at the work place and you have to deal with a lot of people issues. Help will come along the way, but stay vigilant especially when dealing with people. Be smart in your choice of words and show kindness to others, or risk promotion opportunities. Wealth will flow your way and continue to be good manager of money. You will find opportunities and luck in the area of investments and gambling. But don’t take too much risk or be overly confident. You will experience disagreements with your partner throughout the year. You will need to take care of your health as the common illness will find you. When moving around, be extra careful. Stay safe.

Rooster Outlook (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993) : Angels will be watching over you throughout the year. You be may have some challenges at work, but guardian angels will be watching over you. Just persevere on and you will be able to overcome and find success in everything you do. There will be a general improvement at work if you manage your responsibilities well, remain pro-active and be a good leader of man. If you are a businessman, fame will find you; for the working class promotion awaits. You will also do well in the area of money management and investments.  It is also a good year to start a small business. You may find love blossoming at work, and remember to seize the opportunities. This year, you may injure your hands or legs but you will remain in good health. 

Dog Outlook (1946, 1958, 1970,1982, 1994) : Your luck will greatly improve in the new year. It’s a good time to start afresh, and a promotion is on the way. Even cupid is on the lookout for you. You will find yourself being busy at work, and you will find it easy to work with others. But as the saying goes, no pain no gain. However don’t be too proud or boastful, or risk failure. You will be prosperous and will start to see an accumulation of wealth. You may lose some money this year, so be careful in the area of money management. There will be plenty of excitement in your relationship, and you may find true love. It’s also a good time to get married. However you will still experience disagreements with your partners, and be wary of 3rd parties. You must also take care of your health, as it will be like a rollercoaster ride. Be extra careful when you are around water. 

Pig Outlook (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995): Things will take a turn in the area of love, career or even at home; they may neither be good nor bad, and you must be able to flow the change. In the area of work, there are many challenges to overcome and people to deal with, you must push on and find your own path out of the situation or you may find yourself being subdued. You may also risk losing your wealth this year; avoid usage of credit cards for payments, gambling or investments! Changes in the area of love may not necessary be bad, it could be a separation due to arguments with your partners or an appearance of a 3rd party. Those married may expect a child. You must take care of your health, especially those of your parents or elderlies. Seek professional advise if you feel or suspect anything is amiss. You may also be travelling a bit this year, it could be for work or leisure. But always remember to stay alert when taking a long trips and don’t get carried away with the situation.

Mouse Outlook (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996) : Things will remain generally well for you in all areas of life, from work, to wealth, relationship and even health. You will have smooth successes in the area of work, there will be plenty of opportunities. You must seize the day, make the most of these opportunities and you are sure to go places. However don’t be complacent and stay humble, or you might find trouble from those with envy eyes. Stay true to yourself and grounded on reality and you will avoid unnecessary trouble. Continue to work hard and seize the opportunities, money will find their way to your pockets and it will be a year of plenty. Relationship will not be as smooth sailing for you. Be meticulous and take extra care in managing them. Your health is generally well, but remember to time out to rest.

Ox Outlook (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997) : You will find favour amongst man. But remember to stay alert and find a break-through. Be a little conservative in the area of work, avoid confrontations or risk the inability to expand your horizons. You may face some challenges at work, and you should always play by the book or risk getting caught out or left out to dry by others. Wealth may find its way out this year; manage your wealth well and stay away from investments or gambling. You will flourish in the area of relationships. You may feel gloomy or lonely and this may affect your relationships with friends. You may also have many arguments with your partner and be faced with an introduction of a 3rd party that may separate you from your loved one. Health may take a turn, and an old condition may resurface. Remain alert on the road or an accident may find its way. 

Tiger Outlook (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998) : Expect the unexpected in the new year. Trouble could be looming, but remember there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. In the area of work, a white knight or mentor may point you in the right direction. This year, you may become the centre of everyone’s focus. Take courage, fulfil your responsibility and show others what you are capable of or risk disappointing others that look out to you. Be careful and tight lip or risk leaking trade secrets to your competitors. You will do well in the area of wealth, and will have multiple streams of income. But you must keep a good watch of your money or risk losing some. You will also prosper in the area of love. You will easily find compatible friends, and will stand a good chance if you decide to take it to the next level. You will also enjoy many good times spent with your family. Your health is generally well and you must be filial to take care of the elderlies in the family.

Rabbit Outlook (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999): Extra care is needed for you in the year as trouble may be looming. This year, you should put your energy and focus at work, the more you give and the more you may get in return. Try to minimise changes in your career, carefully consider any new opportunities, and don’t rush into anything. Don’t let your guards down, and be careful of ambitious colleagues and their intentions for you may not know what’s installed. Stay on track and play by the book in all your dealings and you could save yourself some trouble. Be careful with your money matters. Do not borrow from others, as you might find yourself in deeper waters. Relationship with your partner will remain stable, without break-through. You will also find much joy and fulfilment in improving one-self and to dedicate more time to work. Your health is also not all rosy. Care and rest is needed or risk burning out. Be extra careful when moving around. Remember to also take care of the health of elderlies in the family. 




年份: 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989

吉星: 天解、解神、八座

凶星: 剑锋、伏尸、太岁、指背、地煞、血刃、浮沉

性格: 聪明优雅,天生感受性及知性很强, 再加上思路敏锐, 所以做起事来能够当机立断, 速战速决。  不过为人却多疑猜忌并且心稍带有嫉妒, 又容易记仇, 故与人争执后, 容易反目成仇。

整体运势:  肖蛇的朋友在去年可说是一个大跃进的吉年,不过一踏入蛇年,就必须要居安思危,因为肖蛇的您今年为值太岁年,心境容易受到干扰,往往会在情绪不稳定的情况下,作出不当的决定,进而影响2013年的运程。虽然今年命宫中有众多凶星汇集,幸好还有化煞星的照耀, 可使任何灾祸消灭, 亦可算是平安是福。事业方面, 今年会有地位提升的迹象, 表示今年的事业发展虽然会有不少困阻,但是只要沉着应变,努力不懈,仍然可以脱颖而出,掌握权柄。正财收入尚算可以,并没有大幅度地增加。切勿赌博或做投机买卖,否则便会焦头烂额。感情方面今年比较逊色,难有突破,必须慎防小人放冷箭从中破坏。今年要特别注意的是安全问题,特别是道路安全,以免血光之灾,千万不可疏忽大意!



年份: 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995

吉星: 驿马、月空

凶星: 岁破、大耗、阑干、披头

性格: 性情爽直, 乐观开朗, 再加上待人诚恳, 心地善良, 往往成为大众的开心果。为人自信稳重, 内心刚毅, 再加上正义感强烈, 所以绝对不会出卖朋友。但是由于思想单纯天真, 对人没有猜疑, 所以常受骗上当。

整体运势: 肖猪的朋友今年为冲太岁年, 冲者为动, 容易有感情, 事业和居所变化, 但变化本身并无好坏之分, 要配合个人的大运和流年命格才可判断。虽然今年命宫中有众多凶星汇集,幸好还有化煞星的照耀, 可使任何灾祸消灭, 亦可算是平安是福。事业方面今年会有诸多阻滞,而且又多小人破坏阻扰,必须设法挣扎向上,以免久沉不振。正所谓穷则变,变则通。肖猪的朋友若想在逆境中求存,就必须尽力变通革新,固步自封只会自取灭亡。今年财运上会有大破财的危机,会因为过度挥霍而失去预算, 要尽量避免以信用卡签账财,同时切勿赌博或作投机买卖,以免焦头烂额!今年宜多储蓄,以备不时之需。感情方面今年比较容易起变化,不过变化未必一定是坏的,可以是分手,结婚或者是生孩子。不过,今年会与伴侣聚少离多, 容易因口角而分开,必须要慎防有人乘虚而入,欺骗感情,最终导致人财两失。健康方面今年要小心出入,出门远行时也必须要小心留神, 以免乐极生悲!此外,今年也要多加关注父母或长辈的健康状况, 一旦发现有什么毛病, 就必须带他们立刻就医。由于今年也是肖猪朋友的驿马年, 容易有迁移,外出变化之象。 驿马也代表有机会往外地发展事业或今年经常有机会旅游,或者只是去较远的地方,不一定有重大变化。



年份: 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998

吉星: 福德、天德、福星

凶星: 卷舌、劫煞、披麻、六害

性格: 性格乐观,富有正义感,天生喜欢接受挑战并且大胆积极,对自己充满信心,不容易言败,只要立定了目标,就会一鼓作气的进发。不过却较为自负同时欠缺耐性,有时候因为专横霸道而容易心浮气燥。

整体运势:  虽然今年为肖虎朋友的太岁相刑年+太岁相坡年, 表示是非多,容易惹上意想不到的麻烦,带有轻微的犯太岁的意思,不过由于命宫中得到多颗吉星的照耀, 运势将大幅度彪升,凡事都能逢凶化吉,称心如意。事业方面,今年可获得贵人指引提携,得以锦上添花。此外,今年肖虎的您将会成为焦点人物,所以必须勇于承担责任,展现潜力,以免令周围的人失望。不过,在公事上必须谨口慎言,以防泄漏商业秘密而自招败辱。财运方面相当畅旺,财源广进,会有多方面的收入。横财方面也不差,不时会有意外之财,但必须紧记钱财千万不可露眼,以免会有盗劫之灾。感情方面因为人缘佳,所以进展也相当不错。今年容易遇到心仪的对象,可以放胆去追,成功率相当高。不过,今年宜多与家人乐聚天伦,以弥补家庭中的裂痕。今年健康良好,但必须小心照顾家中老人健康,恐有孝服。



年份: 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992

吉星: 太阴、岁合

凶星: 贯索、卒暴、勾神、羊刃、 三刑、孤辰、亡神、天官府

性格: 为人活泼好动且伶俐, 由于行动反应快, 能见机行事, 再加上有狭义心情, 社交手腕高明, 所以能够很快与人打成一片。不过, 有时为人稍为狡猾, 无耐心又狂妄自大, 常常会因为自以为是而导致错误失败。

整体运势:  肖猴朋友今年的流年运程可说是吉凶参半,因为肖猴朋友今年与太岁刑合,也就是说今年为肖猴的太岁六合年, 合则人缘好, 特别是对从事经常与陌生人接触行业的肖猴朋友最为有利。不过今年也是肖猴朋友的太岁相刑年, 表示是非多,容易惹上意想不到的麻烦!再加上今年同时也是与太岁相破,带有轻微犯太岁的意思,直接影响人际关系。工作方面将会面对不少困阻,而且还要应付不少人事纷争,稍一不慎便功败垂成。虽然今年命宫中有贵人星的照耀, 特别容易得到女性贵人的帮助,但是在人际关系方面还是要多加注意,处事待人必须以和为贵,千万不要因为锋芒太露,而招人妒嫉,应该小心言语,以免因为工作是非而影响升职加薪。财运方面今年财运亨通,不但正财收入丰厚,而且横财也颇畅旺,投资及赌博均会有利可图,但切勿过贪,以免因贪变贫。 感情方面今年容易和情侣闹意见,争吵和冷战的问题陆续发生。健康方面今年并不理想,特别容易有小毛病的出现,必须小心保养。此外,今年可能还会有血光之灾, 出门在外必须注意安全第一! 



年份: 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993

吉星: 将星、金匮、三台、金舆、地解

凶星: 五鬼,、官府,、飞符、的煞、破碎

性格: 对人热诚, 头脑转动很快, 具有处事能力, 所以不论任何事情都能有效又迅速地处理好。交友广阔, 善于言辞, 属于交际能手。不过却时常喜欢自吹自擂, 有时因为说话不保留, 而忽视旁人的感受与尊严。

整体运势:  肖鸡的朋友今年因为与太岁三合,人缘佳,所以特别容易得到贵人的扶助。虽然工作上会有小人暗中破坏,不过由于今年命宫中有多颗重分量的吉星相助,虽然偶有挫折,但只要努力不懈,最后还是能化险为夷,马到功成。今年不论在权力和地位方面都有提升的机会,从商者可以名气大增,而打工者则有晋升机会。只要肖鸡朋友能够在今年处事尽量争取主动,先发制人,以免被人捷足先登。若能展示卓越的领导能力,让周围的人乐于跟从,则成果将会更为辉煌!不过,今年容易受小人欺骗操纵,必须远离小人是非,以免近墨者黑而受其株连!今年财运方面也相当顺畅,除了正财有不错的进帐之外,偏财运也相当不错,可以进行一些小投资!至于感情方面,今年由于社交活动的增加,特别容易在工作上结交到异性朋友,要好好把握机会。  健康方面今年容易有手脚损伤, 不过大致上都属于健康良好。幸好还有化煞星的照耀, 表示可以逢凶化吉!



年份: 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997

吉星: 华盖

凶星: 大煞,、天雄、白虎、飞廉、黄幡、天哭

性格: 严肃, 固执,沉默寡言,毫无浪漫情趣,不过却非常重视家庭生活。做事毅力较强,不容易受他人或环境的影响,依照自己的意念和能力做事。由于处事踏实又勤力,再加上对人又忠诚,甚得朋友和老板的信任。

整体运势:肖牛的朋友今年虽然为太岁三合年, 人缘可说是相当不错, 不过由于今年命宫中有众多凶星汇集,而又无吉星化解;若不提高警惕来应付突变,很可能临时手足无措而溃不成军。在事业方面, 今年必须委曲求存,切勿与人针锋相对,否则便会雪上加霜,令业务发展难上加难!此外,由于今年有多颗是非星在命宫中出现,除了要预防被小人暗箭所伤之外,也切勿冒险作非法勾当,否则必定法网难逃。财运方面,不论是正财或偏才都欠顺,必须量入为出。感情方面因为人缘佳,所以进展也相当不错。不过今年心情容易孤独不开朗,偶尔会让身旁的朋友无从可适。此外,伴侣之间的争执问题也相当的多,同时还必须要防范第三者的介入,以免破坏感情。今年身体健康欠佳,会有旧病复发的情况出现,同时也必须密切注意交通安全,容易有血光之灾。



年份:1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994

吉星: 月德、扳鞍、红鸾桃花

凶星: 小耗、死符、阴煞

性格: 纯朴正直, 诚实友善, 再加上见义勇为, 颇爱主持公道, 因此很容易受人尊敬。不过, 有时却会莫名的自我封闭或沉默不语, 故很难令人理解。虽然为人善猜疑, 喜挑剔, 不过一旦选定工作, 就不会三心两意, 忠心耿耿。

整体运势:  肖狗的朋友今年流年运程大有改善,可洗尽去年冲犯太岁的颓气,正是大展宏图的良机,因为今年命宫中有地位提升的吉星出现,再加上今年为肖狗朋友的红鸾桃花年, 为正桃花, 好桃花, 代表交际人缘好,所以运程会有渐渐好转的迹象。今年的事业运也有不错的表现,因为命宫中有贵人星的出现,容易得到人缘相助。虽然今年工作甚为忙碌,幸而多劳多得,绝不会劳而无功。不过今年切勿得意忘形而扩张过急,以免因而兵败如山倒。财运方面还算不错,尤其是正财运,财富会在不自不觉中增加,不过今年会有小破财, 必须要小心保管财物以防盗贼。今年由于红鸾星动, 所以感情方面将会多姿多彩,可觅得真爱。此外,今年正是缔结良缘的大好时机,有情人终成眷属。不过伴侣之间的争执问题也相当的多,同时还必须要防范第三者的介入,以免破坏感情。今年的健康状况甚为反复,时好时坏,必须小心保养,特别需要慎防水险! 



年份: 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988

吉星: 天喜、陌越

凶星: 病符、寡宿、天煞

性格: 性格爽朗,精力充沛,由于智慧过人又有胆识,所以身边往往很多追随者。但是由于事事追求完美,加上过分充满自信心,难免会有点态度嚣张。再加上为人冲动又自视过高,有时会经不起挫折和考验。

整体运势:  肖龙的朋友一洗去年犯太岁停滞不定的衰气,今年的运气还算是相当畅旺。肖龙的朋友因为去年冲犯太岁,所以上半年运气还是不很稳定。 不过由于今年命宫中有贵人星的出现, 同时又是“天喜桃花年”,所以运程会有渐渐好转的迹象。事业方面,今年因为命宫中有地位提升的吉星出现,所以今年的事业运也有不错的表现。不过在人缘交际方面,今年还是要小心是非和权力被夺,避免惹上意想不到的麻烦!财运方面今年还算是不错,只要好好把握机会,应用得当,今年可算是一个丰收年。感情方面, 今年肖龙朋友容易有孤寂的感觉,还好今年有桃花旺盛, 所以感情方面的进展还是特别得心应手。健康方面因为今年容易受病魔缠绕, 所以必须要注意身体健康。



年份: 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990

吉星: 太阳、咸池桃花

凶星: 晦气、天空、年煞

性格: 个性自由奔放, 办事灵活, 乐观而健谈, 确实是一个外交人才, 所以往往能成为朋友群中的焦点。不过为人较没有耐性, 喜欢随心所欲, 讨厌被约束, 再加上主观独立性强,不容易接受他人的建议。

整体运势:  肖马的朋友去年度过了一个中规中矩的年份后,今年因为有贵人星的出现,运程会有渐渐好转的迹象。今年在事业上特别容易得到男性贵人扶助,令今年事业得心应手,扶摇直上。 事业运虽然有望提升,但还是存有变数,事业发展往往节外生枝,若不小心全力以赴,很可能功败垂成,特别要小心是非和权力被夺,避免惹上意想不到的麻烦!财运方面平平,正财横财均乏善足陈,必须要小心谨慎的用钱,以免入不敷出,出现经济危机。今年由于人缘运相当不错,因此社交频繁,感情生活特别多姿多彩,不过却必须要小心堕入桃色问题而产生纠纷。此外,言行必须检点,以免惹起不少是非。今年健康良好,身心康泰,但需防酒色伤身,切勿沉迷酒色,否则难以自拔!



年份: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996

吉星: 紫微、龙德、玉堂 

凶星: 天厄、暴败

性格: 乐天积极, 观察力强, 相当机灵醒目。由于魅力十足, 口才了得, 往往成为朋友圈中的焦点人物。虽然善于投机取巧,爱挑剔,并且心胸不够远大, 但内心感情却很丰富。

整体运势:  肖鼠的朋友去年和太岁相合, 而今年又与太岁暗合, 所以运势还是相当畅顺。 再加上今年命宫中有很多吉星守护, 所以运势将大幅度彪升, 不论是事业、财运、爱情或健康等都会有不错的表现。今年因为有贵人相助, 所以事业进展更加得心应手,大有可为,必须要把握时机奋发向上,必定可以脱颖而出,扶摇直上!不过由于命宫中还是有小人是非星在作梗,所以切勿志得意满而目中无人,以免众叛亲离而位高势危。 若能谦虚地保持低调则可减少许多是非纷争,确保胜利成果。财运方面以正财为主,只要多劳多得,收入自然成正比增加,只要好好把握机会, 应用得当, 可说是呼风唤雨的大吉年。在感情方面,今年易退难进,因此必须小心维系,否则便会情海翻波!健康方面只要多作休息, 大致上都没有什么大毛病的出现!



年份: 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991

吉星: 无

凶星: 地丧、丧门、月煞、豹尾、地雌

性格: 外表温顺, 有内涵又有进取心。非常注重感情, 对朋友, 情人和家庭都很重视。为人踏实, 举止大方, 对四周事物都处理妥当, 着重心灵追求。不过有时却因为悲观, 犹豫不决, 而显得毫无主见。

整体运势:  肖羊的朋友今年虽然是和 “太岁遥合”,工作量会比往年大增,但由于今年命宫中没有任何吉星守护, 所以遇到困难时, 都必须自力更生,靠自己个人力量去解决。 在事业方面, 今年宜先求自保,稳守本位,切勿轻举妄动,以免一败涂地。待人处事必须保持低调,逆来顺受,退一步海阔天空,切忌针锋相对,否则便必定两败俱伤 。肖羊的朋友今年财运浮沉反复,起伏不定,必须时刻保持警惕,小心理财。今年是属于 “力不到, 不为财” 的一年,故此切勿把重心点放在赌博或参与投机性的买卖,以免血本无归!感情方面今年趋于平淡, 伴侣之间发生小争执是无可避免的,必须小心维系感情。 今年除了身体抵抗力较差,容易被病魔乘虚而入之外,也必须密切注意自身的安全,尤其要提防车船之险! 此外,也要多加注意老人家的身体状况,恐怕亲戚中会有白事或入医院等的问题。



年份: 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

吉星: 无

凶星: 囚狱、天狗、吊客、灾煞、吞陷

性格: 个性温柔体贴, 对人相当细心并且又懂得照顾别人,再加上有语言天才, 话题丰富,所以一向人缘超好。不过做事却不够果断, 有时候还会口不对心。由于有大众情人的心态, 感情比较容易有纠纷。

整体运势:  肖兔的朋友今年流年虽然没有与“太岁” 刑冲破害,但是今年的流年运程并无多大改善,主要是因为命宫中依然有众多凶星汇集,而又毫无吉星化解之故,因此今年凡事都必须步步为营。今年应该把时间放在工作上,多劳多得,不要作太多的变化和更动,也就是说如果有新的职业等待您,也应该慎重考虑,不要这么仓促作出决定。事业发展方面会有诸多阻滞,往往节外生枝;若不小心全力以赴,很可能功败垂成!此外,今年也必须提高警惕,慎防身旁怀有不轨野心的人,以免被其吞噬而落得一无所有!今年凡事都必须奉公守法,循规蹈矩,否则便难免会有牢狱之灾!财运方面,今年可说是乏善可陈,正财及横财均不宜憧憬,以免因贪变贫。此外,今年也不宜向人借贷,否则便会泥足深陷。今年感情方面因为没有什么桃花出现,所以情侣之间的感情一般,并没有什么突破,不妨多花时间来工作和进修,对公对私均大有益处。今年健康未如理想,故此必须多休息保养,以免积劳成疾。今年也比较容易有血光之灾,出入要小心,同时也必须多注意家中长辈的健康!




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