The ‘perfect’ man. Does it exist? / 做完美男人?!

The ‘perfect’ man. Does it exist?

This is not the most important thing. If a man loves beauty and himself, there are ways he can improve himself and become the perfect man.

Looking beautiful and perfect for a woman has become the order of the day. Today, the extend to which a metrosexual guy is willing to take to look good can rival the beauty that women seeks. From boyish good looks, to the masculine sportsman, to the glamorous mature look, the domestic plastic surgery for males is no longer surprising.

Recently, on the local evening radio programme (8+ Malam) under the 988 station, DJ Leaf receive a message from a listener, whom shared of his friend having had done 21 plastic surgery. As we become a more open-minded society, the modern man has become vain. They believe their eventual good looks after plastic surgery is able to attract the attention of the opposite sex or even the same sex, and they have better self-esteem, which could also help advance their careers.

United States used to be the leading country in the world followed by Brazil in terms of procedures for plastic surgery. In recent years, South Korea has become the leading market. In the early 1990s, male plastic surgery was becoming increasingly common in the United States, from liposuction, rhinoplasty, face, eye, chest to beer belly. Up till 2011, United States has had 18,256 men with breast hypertrophy reduction surgery, while a Brazilian cosmetic surgeon has become one of the most lucrative professional careers.

In 2010, statistics showed United States, China and Brazil are the world’s top three plastic surgery countries. In 2011, Brazil recorded a total of 850,000 cosmetic surgeries, where men accounted for 35% of them. Those who were treated with surgery were of ages between 10 to 70 years old.

In the global Chinese market, Chinese male cosmetic surgery accounted for only about 15%, but this statistics is rapidly increasing, and is fast becoming a trend.


What is the most popular correction for men?

The male cosmetic surgery areas and scope is constantly expanding, and they have become even more critical and particular than females. Many men have multiple surgeries to improve their imperfections to the point of perfection.

Among the five senses, nose or rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic plastic surgery among men. Locally, correction for eye bags, lips repair, planting of eyebrow, face repair, eyelids, forehead, ear, dental cosmetic surgery are generally accepted.

The abdomen and chest liposuction are also very common among men, and to avoid the awkward disproportion in their body shape also had fat extracted from the abdomen, making them appear even more tone with abs pack and avoid a beer belly.

A perfectly six-pack abs and chest is also one of the main reasons for men receiving cosmetic surgery in their transformation to becoming a perfect man.

However, there’s always a limit in all transformation. There’s an American who’s not more than 30-years-old whose object of perfection is liken that of Barbie’s boyfriend, Ken. He’s spent about RM300,000 (~USD100,000) and have had 90 plastic surgeries on his road to perfection. But he now seems to have had a “plastic addiction” and have chosen to ignore serious warnings by experts on his path and pursue of perfection.


Cosmetic surgery is not plastic surgery

In addition to cosmetic surgery, micro-plastic surgery has been gaining popularity locally. Anna Hoo Clinic specialist also reveals Malaysian men are gradually accepting injectable and laser-based micro-shaping methods.

According to their specialists, micro plastic and cosmetic surgery are different, most men are more receptive to micro-surgery as they are more about maintenance. For example, 20 year old men would take up the removal of acne, acne scars or dermabrasion treatments. A 40 – 50 year old men would choose to focus on the maintenance of their face.

“Micro-plastic surgery would make them look better, from the removal of acnes to acne scars, wrinkles, hair removal and others.”

He also shared, micro-plastic surgery for men is customised based on individual needs. Some are satisfied after their first visit, there are also those who would take a few sessions before they are satisfied with the results, hence the number of visits for micro-plastic surgery would vary. As a precautionary measure, one must first understand their personal skin condition, and are recommended to visit your doctor or specialists about the suitability before they embark on any micro-plastic treatments.


Planning your transformation

It’s undeniable that today’s society has accepted and respect ones choice to undergo cosmetic surgery in the name of beauty. Specialists and experts would usually not recommend anyone to undertake a treatment in the absence of an overall program, and to have a long term considerations and effects when one embarks on frequent micro-plastic surgeries, as it may also result in disappointments which will also naturally affect their work, looks and life.

Without a doubt, cosmetic surgery and micro-plastic surgery are for men who want to look good, and will also help those who are looking for a boost of confidence and wanting to look better and different. For some, the removal of one’s eye bags will immediately present a brighter and better personal outlook. This may give clients and others a good and healthy impression, and can be a big plus point and reason for undertaking such surgery.

Cost for cosmetic surgery differs from micro-plastic surgery, plus the ability of a variety of financing options for such services, cosmetic and micro-plastic surgery is not only for the wealthy and is within reach of the average Joe spread across a wide age range, with the ultimately goal of attracting the opposite sex.

However, with the single minded goal of becoming the perfect men, one must understand their skin conditions, financial affordability, and if there really is a need for surgery? As there are always risks when one undergoes surgery, one needs to assess if the risk is worth it.

Cosmetic failure cases are not unprecedented, for even after spending the money, one may risk not looking any better than when they started. In return, they could suffer an abnormal outward appearance, physique that may not be naturally possible, or one could run into credit card debt, and to live and face the negative effects daily. These are just some of the serious and important considerations one must make before undertaking the transformation to become a perfect man.


















除了整容手术之外,微整形在我国也愈来愈受欢迎。Anna Hoo Clinic专科医生符气廉医生透露,我国的男性逐渐可以接受注射性、镭射式的微整形。













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