KeQing : The True Meaning of Love /

KeQing : The True Meaning of Love

A mother’s love for their children knows no bounds, regardless background and culture, they will give and give their all to provide for their children’s need. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this is KeQing’s story.

On screen, KeQing is a cheerful and lively person. But not many would know she was once an insecure and selfish person, and was because of her growing up years.

KeQing has been growing up like a typical TV series, filled with it fair share of ups and downs. At the young age of 5, her parents divorced and she was separated from her parents. In order to earn a living, her mother worked as a part-time maid in Singapore. Her elder brother was under her grandmother’s care, while she and her then 10-year old sister had to seek refuge with relatives.

Such feelings of being abandoned at a very young age, and without a place to call home, both the sisters had to move between the relatives’ homes every two weeks. This caused a lot of inconvenience for their lives. As she was still very young at that time, she wasn’t affected as much unlike her sister who had sacrificed much.

Growing up with any parental guidance and company, KeQing have had to fend for herself, and she grew to become selfish. Occasionally, she would receive candies from Singapore when her mother returns for visit, but she would not share it with anyone. She also grew to dislike children as they would sometimes tease and bully her.



KeQing has grown up in her own world, apart from the company of her sister, she has two dolls with which she shares stories of the heart.

She said : “I used to cry a lot. When I cry in school, teachers would call my sister and she would leave school just to be with me. There was this once, my teacher confiscated my doll and I just couldn’t stop crying. It was not until my sister explained to my teacher, only then was it returned to me.”

KeQing also share this other time, when everyone in school had to take a vaccination jab, and she refused. She then clung on to a pole and refused to take it no regardless of the persuasion of her friends or teachers. It was not until her sister came, did she obediently gave in. Looking back, this has also become an incident that we joke about as a family.

As the saying goes, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

“Over the years, many a times I felt like giving up when faced with difficulties. But each time, there will also be a ‘guardian angel’ that appears to pick us up. We used to be very poor, I would only have RM2 pocket money, my sister and I would save all we could. We would visit the ‘mamak’ stall to buy a big bowl of rice and pour curry sauce over it and call it a meal. At times, the boss would take pity on us and would treat us to ice tea. Even if it’s a small gesture, we are thankful and grateful to each of these acts of kindness.”



KeQing is grateful to have a sister who has always been like a mother during her formative years. Her mother who’s working in Singapore would visit them every two weeks.

She also remembers this once when a relative asked her mom about life as a divorcee. Her mother responded with s smile and acknowledges life goes on. But at that tender age of five, she asked : ” Mom, why do you smile, but I see your crying heart”.

She couldn’t remember and imagine herself asking such questions, but these are stories that were shared by her mother after she has grown up. Perhaps this is the bond between a mother and their child.

A mother’s love knows no bounds. One of KeQing’s most memorable moment was this one time, where a popular fast food chain was promoting ‘couple Hello Kitty’ dolls as premiums. Without fail, her mom would start queuing at 5am to buy it for her to buy an entire collection just for her. Her mom would also remind her : “Even though your father is not a good husband, he is a good father.”

KeQing’s mother only wish for her is to grow up and be healthy. Her mother is not very strict and is not overly protective, that is because she wants her to be able to fend for herself, to be able to pick herself up after each fall.



In order to earn more money to support the family, KeQing at the age of 13 started working in the food and beverage industry. Not only that, she started gaining popularity on social networks and worked-hard in selling clothes and contact lenses online.

“During that time, earning and making money was the most important thing in my life. Friendship was not important to me then, as my friends would not be able to give me money.”

It was not until she met a good friend, who over time changed her outlook on life and helped her learn many other valuable life lessons. It was also this friend that encouraged her to enrol in a singing competition and that was how she was discovered by record companies.

Unfortunately, the day before the finals of the competition, her friend met with a car accident and passed away. Although KeQing was sad, but was determined not to give up and to live up to her friend’s expectations, she carried on to the finals.

“At that moment, I truly understand the difference between being onstage and back-stage. Despite moaning passing of a good friend, when on stage, I had to present my best self, tell a joke and please everyone to gain their support. Because of this, I think no matter what challenges life now throws at me, I believe I can always overcome them.”

Her mother would occasionally comfort her, and remind her that this friend was truly a God sent angle. After KeQing has grown up, the angel’s tasks was complete and have since taken leave.



Due to her insecurity, KeQing grew up longing for a happy family and also some tender loving care from another guy. But her previous romances have failed also because of her own insecurity.

KeQing is looking for love, but the guy must be a good family man. She says : “I am looking for a man who loves his family as himself.”

KeQing would also like to remind readers, that there will always be quarrels within the family. But one must remember never to let it fester and habour hatred towards each other. Life’s too short and we will never know what will happen next.

The song “Let Me Fall” is a song that’s specially tailored by the record company for KeQing and it means a lot to her, and hopefully through it all she is able to let go of all unpleasant things.

As we navigate through life challenges, we will always emerge stronger, for without it life would be rather boring. She believes that we must not be afraid to tell the truth to our family, friends and love ones. We should not blame or ask what others can do for us, but instead what can we do for the others? We must also not wait till it’s too late and say you are sorry.



































而《让我跌倒》这首歌是公司为可晴量身订做,因此特别有感触,希望她能Let Go”所有不愉快的事。



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