Mount Bromo – Active Volcano / 太岁头上动土婆罗摩火山

Mount Bromo – Active Volcano

The historical city of Pompeii was the most prosperous city in the Roman Empire. But it was all destroyed and buried when Mount Vesuvio erupted, as it was one of the most catastrophic and famous eruptions in the European history.

However, volcanoes are not that scary or dangerous to visit as long as they remain dormant and sleeping. On the eastern part of the island of Java in Indonesia, lies Mount Bromo, a well-known active volcano.

To get there, I must first fly to Surabaya – Indonesia, followed and endure a 4 hour journey before arriving at Cemoro Lawang, the closest village to Mount Bromo. As the mountain village is located at a high altitude, night temperatures can be quite cold. Visitors must be prepared with clothes to keep themselves warm.

Volcano in the middle of a vast plain

The hotel I was staying in is built on the cliffs facing the vast plain called the “Sea of Sand”. Mount Bromo is located just in the middle of this vast plain. The night wind is very chilling and kept me indoors. Without much to do at night, everyone in the village sleeps pretty early.

At 4am the next day, I woke up and got ready to visit a nearby vantage point, it is also the best place to catch a glimpse of the sunrise at Mount Bromo. I wasn’t so lucky on the day of visit as the weather was bad. The fog lingered that morning and I was unable to enjoy the spectacular sunrise, and so we returned back to the hotel for breakfast. After the fog has dispersed, I hoped on a jeep which took me out onto the sea of sand, and headed for the foothill of Mount Bromo.

In fact, the vast plain that makes up the Sea of Sand is actually a built up of volcanic ashes over the years. Sometimes a ‘sandstorm’ might also hit the area. Located at the foothill of Mount Bromo is a Hindu temple. On most weekdays, its heavy doors are usually locked. It is said that the doors are only opened on local ceremonies, where it will be opened for believers to worship the Gods of the volcano.

Ascent to the peak of the volcano

We have to travel some distance to ascent to the crater of the volcano. If tracking seems too tiring for some, you can opt for horseback riding to ascent. I chose to take the ascent one step at a time. I lost track of time as we push on, but eventually reaching the summit volcano crater. At that point, I feel my knees turning jelly weak as I stand next to the crater and it could be due to the exhaustion or the high altitude.

There I was, standing right at the edge of this very large crater of Mount Bromo; seeing white smokes coming out from the mouth of the volcano, I suddenly had an emotional rush, the feeling is quite surreal. In the distance, I could see other tourist walking along the edge of the crate. I cannot help but still feel the danger that beholds us visitors. I am glad to have made it here, as the view and just standing next to the crater is worth the tiresome climb!

Mount Bromo is really a work of wonder. Situated right in the middle of a vast plain of the Sea of San, there is hardly any trace of life or living organism around. But not far away from in the cliff village of Cemoro Lawang, the locals thrive and survive through planting of crops on this very fertile land that’s a result of years of accumulation of the volcanic ash. I can only sit back and wonder in awe on how resilient we humans are, as life will always find its way back no matter the challenges facing us.






过,火山也非绝对的险地,只要趁它“睡眠”之际造访,其实也没想象中的可怕。印尼爪哇岛东部就有一座著名的活火山——婆罗摩火山(Mount Bromo),我趁它没这么活跃,前去感受一番“太岁头上动土”的刺激。

我先飞往印尼泗水(Surabaya),再乘车约4个多小时,就抵达最靠近婆罗摩火山的Cemoro Lawang村落。由于地处高海拔,山上夜间气温较冷,因此行前务必准备御寒衣物。









婆罗摩火山真是一处状景奇观,茫茫沙海中鲜少生机,但悬崖峭壁上的Cemoro Lawang村落,却因为火山灰堆积而土地肥沃,使得当地庄稼都十分丰饶,遍地绿意。只能说,火山能带来毁灭,亦能送来生机。


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