ILLEGEAR Unveils Premium ORION Gaming Desk at “POWER UP: Elevate Your Play” Event

ILLEGEAR has launched its premium gaming desk, the ORION, at the exclusive “POWER UP: Elevate Your Play” event held yesterday at THE BACKROOM.COFFEE. This significant milestone event showcased the innovative design and advanced features of the ORION Gaming Desk to an enthusiastic audience.
The event saw the attendance of esteemed media members, valued end-users, and gaming enthusiasts, all contributing to the launch’s success. Guests experienced firsthand the exceptional durability, advanced cable management system, and customizable RGB lighting of the ORION Gaming Desk.
“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who attended and supported this event. Your presence and enthusiasm are immensely appreciated and have played a crucial role in the success of our launch,” said ILLEGEAR representatives. “We look forward to continuing to innovate and provide top-tier gaming solutions that meet the needs of our valued customers.”

Radiant Gaming with RG-Brilliance
Enhance your gaming environment with ORION’s customizable RGB lighting. Synchronize the lighting to reflect your mood or gaming setup, featuring options from serene, steady colors to vibrant, pulsating effects. ORION transcends the concept of a mere desk; it is a tribute to every triumph.
Elevate Your Game with Precision Height Adjustment
Maintain the strategic upper hand with ORION’s motorized height adjustment. Effortlessly switch from seated to standing positions with precision, optimizing your comfort and effectiveness from 60cm to a towering 124cm. Powered with a precision motorized height adjustment mechanism, you can customize ORION’s height to ensure every move you make is executed from the pinnacle of comfort and precision.
Seamless Power with Integrated Power Cord
Maintain an uncluttered workspace while keeping all your gaming and creative equipment powered. ORION features an integrated power cord discreetly housed within the desk’s frame, streamlining your setup and ensuring essential power is always within reach.
Master the Mess with Full Cable Management
Eliminate the tangled cables that disrupt your gameplay and clutter your space. ORION’s comprehensive cable management system employs magnetic cable anchors and integrated tray storage compartments to keep all your wires neatly organized and out of sight. With ORION, your gaming station remains pristine, sleek, and perpetually battle-ready.
Switch It Up
Orion adapts to the user’s unique style. The personalized mechanical switch controller adjusts the desk height, including two preset options for quick changes. The keycap swapability feature further personalizes any setup.
Safety Meets Performance
Excel in-game while ensuring real-life safety. Constructed with Powder Coated Cold Rolled Steel and Medium Density Fiberboard, the ORION Gaming Desk provides exceptional durability and reliable stability. Enhanced with collision protection, the desk intelligently prevents lowering onto unexpected objects, safeguarding every user’s equipment and ensuring your peace of mind.
Quality Assurance Guaranteed
Fully certified to comply with UL 962 standards, ORION has undergone extensive testing to ensure its performance and safety. It has aced various tests, including a distributed weight test with 122 kg over 7 months, 500 daily reset cycles, and 288 topping cycles. Additionally, it passed rigorous stability and motor noise tests, ensuring robust and quiet operation.
The ORION Gaming Desk launch marks another innovative step for ILLEGEAR, reinforcing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge gaming solutions.