Meeting BK Shivani Live in Malaysia on 9 Dec 2023 at KLCC Plenary Hall

From a land of ancient wisdom, comes a voice from modern generation, a voice of calm in a
world of chaos, a voice of charity in a world of confusion, a voice of kindness in a world of

“Are we ready? Are we ready to create a peaceful world?”, “How should I heal myself when
someone says something to me which is not right?”, “no one else knows me better than me!
Actually we only need only one person who is MYSELF to be nice to us”, “Your vibration can
heal people”, “when we change, the world changes”…

BK Shivani has already spoken to the hearts and captured the imagination of millions of
people in her native in India and across the world. Now she is bringing her unique blend of
light hearted humour and profound spiritual understanding to Malaysia.

BK Shivani, a globally acclaimed spiritual leader, has been recognized for her outstanding
contributions to society, receiving the Women of the Decade Achievers Award from
ASSOCHAM Ladies League in 2014 and the prestigious Nari Shakti Award in March 2019.

BK Shivani has a message of hope that new possibilities for a brighter future, are not just a
distance of dream, but fast becoming our reality.

Experience the magic of transforming problems into miracles with BK Shivani on 9 December
2023, Saturday, from 7pm to 9pm, live at the Plenary Hall, KLCC.

Join this enlightening public talk and witness the ordinary transform into the
extraordinary. Please find more details and registration at the following link: . For inquiries and registration, please feel
free to contact us at:+ 60123710889 or +60128099888.