The Largest Business Event Uniting The World Of Architecture And Design

The 22nd International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX) 2023 has returned larger than ever, set to captivate industry players, professionals, and enthusiasts alike with its innovative future forward technology and an array of sustainable construction materials to propel the industry towards the nation’s agenda of creating a greener built environment with lower carbon footprints.

Taking place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from the 26th to 29th July, this year’s edition boasts an overwhelming response from both local and international exhibitors, showcasing the latest advancements in building materials, construction technologies, interior fittings, and sustainable solutions.

Occupying 10 halls housing 1,400 exhibition stands from 600 exhibitors representing 15 countries and regions, ARCHIDEX 2023 promises to be an unforgettable journey into the transformative power of architectural innovation. Industry players, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world will converge at ARCHIDEX 2023 to witness first-hand the cutting-edge technologies, revolutionary designs, and sustainable solutions that are shaping the future of architecture and design.

Officiated by YB Tuan Nga Kor Ming, the Minister of Local Government Development, this future-focused architecture and built industry business event provides the industry a platform to work hand-in-hand with the government to grow the nation, exemplifying initiatives that benefit industries, extending beyond the architecture, interior design, and building industry.

ARCHIDEX intends to unite professionals from the architecture and built industry fraternity under a strong FUTURE theme, encompassing three key pillars of Sustainability, Future Architecture, and Wellbeing. Playing on the interconnections for present and future generations in the architectural and building community, ARCHIDEX 2023 aims to engage, evoke, and evolve providing a stage for architects, designers, and industry leaders to keep pace with emerging trends and technological advancements.  Here, exhibitors will be able to display their innovative ideas, cutting-edge designs, and breakthrough solutions, thus providing the estimated 36,000 visitors an unparalleled opportunity to explore the latest trends, exchange knowledge, and forge collaborations with the best in the field.

This year, the 100th anniversary of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) adds further excitement and significance to ARCHIDEX. In a momentous celebration of architectural achievements, the industry’s steward will host the inaugural “Gallery in an exhibition” featuring glass in all its glory, proudly exhibited in Hall 8. PAM is steadfast in propelling the industry forward, as it continues to provide a stage for the industry to drive the growth and advancement of the architectural industry, empowering professionals to push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and shape the future of architecture.

One of the highlights of ARCHIDEX 2023 is the concurrent DATUM Conferences, which will take place over four days. These conferences—DATUM:KL, DATUM+PLUS, DATUM:PRO, DATUM:M, and DATUM:EDU—are themed under “We as 1” and will feature over 30 local and international speakers.

Professionals will have the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, explore emerging trends, and learn from industry experts. DATUM also presents an avenue for networking, fostering collaborations, and driving the industry forward.

ARCHIDEX will feature the prestigious ARCHIDEX Star Awards that recognise excellence in architectural products and materials nominated by exhibitors as well as ARCHITALENT, a programme designed to cultivate architecture students and help architectural firms discover the brightest talents in the field. Other noteworthy events include thought-provoking talks that aim to engage, evoke and evolve the visitors’ perspective on architecture.

ARCHIDEX also plays a role as one of Asia’s biggest architecture and building materials’ exposition. Building materials is a vital component influencing viability and quality of architecture.  Besides being a major contributor to cost, it can also contribute positively to the aesthetics of the built environment.  ARCHIDEX brings together a wide range of cutting-edge materials, that are sustainable, cost efficient and positioned to set the pace of the industry into the future.

Returning with the theme “Green Living” is Strategic Partner: Taiwan Excellence – the symbol of the highest of honour of Taiwan’s premium products is back with more eco-friendly products and technologies. At the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, visitors can explore 10 award winning brands bringing a wide range of innovative solutions as well as be inspired by the top-5 finalists of the ‘Sustainable Innovation Challenge” – an architectural competition held in conjunction of Taiwan Excellence @ ARCHIDEX aimed to inspire the next generation of designers to prioritise sustainable design in their work.

Principal Partner: Milwaukee Tool, an industry-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools, accessories and hand tools for professional users worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to the trade, Milwaukee leads with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions dedicated to deliver a steady stream of advanced solutions that offer increased productivity and unmatched durability through their leadership in LITHIUM-ION technology as seen in the M12™, M18™ and M28™ Systems.

Other Strategic Partners include: Powin Steel Industries Sdn Bhd, Bristol, EDL, Virgo Pacific Sdn Bhd.

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