最佳影片(Best Picture):Argo

最佳导演(Directing):Ang Lee 【Life of Pi】

最佳男主角(Actor in a Leading Role):
Daniel Day-Lewis in 【Lincoln】

最佳女主角(Actress in a Leading Role):
Jennifer Lawrence in【Silver Linings Playbook】

最佳男配角(Actor in a Supporting Role):
Christoph Waltz in【Django Unchained】

最佳女配角(Actress in a Supporting Role):
Anne Hathaway【Les Misérables】

最佳动画长片(Animated Feature Film):Brave

最佳外语片(Foreign Language Film):Amour

最佳化妆(Makeup):Les Miserables

最佳配乐(Original Score):Mychael Danna【Life of Pi】

最佳歌曲(Original Song):
Skyfall from Skyfall,Adele Adkins & Paul Epworth

最佳音响编辑(Sound Editing):Skyfall,Zero Dark Thirty

最佳音效合成(Sound Mixing):Les Misérables

最佳视觉效果(Visual Effects):Life of Pi

最佳服装设计(Costume Design):Anna Karenina

最佳艺术指导(Art Direction):Lincoln

最佳摄影(Cinematography):Life of Pi

最佳改编剧本Writing(Adapted Screenplay):Argo

最佳原创剧本Writing(Orignal Screenplay):
Quentin Tarantino【Django Unchained】

最佳剪辑(Film Editing):Argo

最佳动画短片(Short Animated Film):Paperman

最佳真人短片(Short Live Action Film):Curfew

最佳纪录长片(Best Documentary Feature):Searching for Sugar Man

最佳纪录短片(Best Documentary Short):Inocente

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