Global Leader In Biomedical, Revery International Launched First Exosome-based Home Treatment In Malaysia

 Revery International Group Berhad (REVERY International) is proud to announce the launch of ReLabo, which is the first exosome-based home treatment created with EXO BioComplex now available in Malaysia. This groundbreaking anti-aging solution harnesses stem cell-derived exosomes combined with potent skincare components to offer a revolutionary at-home treatment. With ReLabo as their source of reassurance, Malaysians can now access non-invasive, science-backed skincare solutions designed to deliver visible results without the need for surgery or downtime.

Today’s consumers demand personalised skincare solutions to address effect of aging from photoaging, lifestyle and environment. Globally, the anti-aging market is rapidly growing, which leads to the need for non-invasive treatments that provide professional results at home to be higher. Recognising that this demand is growing and that the consumer demographic seeking anti-aging solutions is becoming younger particularly among consumers aged 26 to 35, REVERY International has invested more than RM5 million in research and development to create the safest and most effective solutions for anti-aging. 

As a global leader in biomedical research and innovation, REVERY International is on the rise, bringing new developments to the beauty and wellness industry. Ms Tiffany Loh, Founder and CEO of REVERY International, expressed that ReLabo represents a significant leap in biotechnology and skincare innovation, improving the quality of life for those seeking effective, science-backed skincare solutions. 

“ReLabo embodies our commitment to providing professional and effective anti-aging solutions that empower women to regain their confidence. Our breakthrough ingredient in all ReLabo products, 

EXO BioComplex, activates skin vitality and effectively combats signs of aging. More than RM10 million was invested in this new venture in order for us to harness the full potential of this ingredient to offer a bespoke solution to aging, transcending the barriers posed by intrinsic and extrinsic factors,” said Tiffany. 

“Yet despite investing significant resources and time in biotechology research and development, we firmly believe that consumers are the foundation of innovation. This philosophy is what differentiates us from other anti-aging solutions in the market.”

As the first Exosome-based home treatment, ReLabo’s focuses on the concept of “anti-premature aging” by utilising the advanced biotechnology to effectively address skin aging issues cause by harsh lifestyle, stress, environmental factors and even UV exposure. 

ReLabo by REVERY offers a new direction in skin rejuvenation, elevating REVERY’s position in the medical-aesthetic industry and opening new opportunities. As an elite “Anti-Premature Aging” brand tailored for the discerning urbanites, ReLabo utilises cutting-edge Exosome technology from stem cells to tackle the initial signs of aging. Dr Malcolm Lee, Medical Director of REVERY International highlighted that this innovative approach simplifies the anti-aging process, empowering individuals to maintain their youthful allure.

“Skin aging presents numerous challenges, with various methods available to address it. Our ongoing research focuses on developing innovative, effective, and accessible skincare solutions, and we have found that the safest and most effective approaches often involve at-home treatments. Advances in skincare technology, particularly those utilising stem cell-derived ingredients, offer professional-level results without invasive procedures, and we are confident that ReLabo provides women with the convenience and ensure consistent application for maintaining healthy, youthful skin,” Dr Malcolm emphasised. 

Starting July 2024, REVERY International will launch a comprehensive medical health centre, focusing on cardiac health evaluations and professional health consultations. This marks REVERY International’s strategic foray into the healthcare sector, leveraging the latest in medical technology to provide advanced healthcare services. With an investment exceeding RM5 million and in collaboration with Luban Malaysia, a leading branding incubator agency, REVERY International is set to significantly expand and diversify its portfolio in the coming years.

“This diversification enhances the company’s position with values of health and well-being. We are dedicated to leading innovation in medical technology and elevating people’s quality of life, and we are eager to expand our reach in the future for the betterment of our people’s quality of life.”

REVERY International remains dedicated to pioneering innovation in medical technology. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, REVERY anticipates the positive impact of these initiatives. Visit for more information and updates on REVERY International. 

About REVERY International 

REVERY is a comprehensive biomedical group integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. In collaboration with top domestic research teams, our research spans raw materials, skincare products, and medical devices, committed to leading innovation in medical technology.