Mr. Global Malaysia is back to empower men to be positive role models and country ambassadors

With a purpose to celebrate and showcase the modern man who exemplifies leadership, cultural understanding and social responsibility, Mr. Global Malaysia makes its grand return.

“We aim to empower men to be positive role models and ambassadors for Malaysia, while also increasing their popularity and influence in their communities,” said local franchise holder Melvien Lau.

According to Lau, Mr. Global Malaysia stands out because of its strong emphasis on cultural diversity, personal development and community service. 

“Unlike other pageants, we provide our contestants with platforms to enhance their popularity and visibility, enabling them to become influential role models who can inspire positive change.” 

Lau was speaking at a press conference today to announce the start of Mr. Global Malaysia 2024. 

The event was attended by VIPs including National Director of Mister Global Samuel Seow, Mr. Global Malaysia 2023 Alejandro Legaria, Mr World Malaysia 2022 winner Joshua Benedict, Mr Supranational Malaysia 2024 Siavash Akbari, Mr International Malaysia 2023 Arvind Gorasia and Beam Sdn Bhd COO Leon C.

To become a Mr. Global Malaysia contestant, one must be a Malaysian male aged between 18 and 35, with a passion for cultural representation and community service. 

“We look for individuals who are confident, articulate and committed to making a positive impact in society, and who have the potential to grow their personal brand and influence,” explained Lau.

To win Mr. Global Malaysia, the top contender should be someone who embodies confidence, integrity and compassion. He should be a strong communicator, a visionary leader and someone who can inspire and engage with diverse communities. 

“In addition to physical fitness and charisma, we value those who can leverage their popularity to become influential role models and advocate for social causes,” said Lau.

In regard to plans for the pageant, Lau said: “In the short term, we aim to enhance the visibility of our pageant and increase engagement with local communities through various outreach programs, helping contestants grow their popularity.”

For the long term, they plan to expand the platform internationally, promoting Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage and fostering global connections through collaborative initiatives and events. 

Additionally, they will provide continuous support to contestants to help them develop their personal brands and become influential role models globally.

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Mr. Global Malaysia is now looking for pageant contestants and potential sponsors. Interested parties can get in touch with Melvien at 016 974 4882.