BRIX KLIA by Pinetree – A New Era of Artistic Co-Living in Malaysia

BRIX KLIA by Pinetree (BRIX KLIA), a novel hotel concept, recently opened its doors in Sepang, Malaysia, and is celebrating its launch with attractive room promotions and a unique artistic twist. Catering to both short-term and longterm guests, BRIX KLIA is not just a place to stay but an experience in creativity and community.

Since its opening in January 2024, BRIX KLIA has distinguished itself by offering a seamless blend of co-living and convenience. Perfect for travellers on layovers or students seeking long-term, hassle-free accommodation without the need to commit to a rental agreement, providing solutions for a variety of needs.

At the heart of BRIX KLIA is the concept of a vibrant, diverse community environment. Guests can work, live, eat, relax, and find inspiration among like-minded individuals from all corners of the globe. This setting fosters a unique cultural exchange and a creative atmosphere.

To drive the theme of creativity with co-living, BRIX KLIA has started their Artist-In-Residence (A.I.R) program. This innovative initiative invites budding and veteran artists to live at the hotel for a week, drawing inspiration from its eclectic and modern environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to create art – be it sculptures, paintings, literature, and more – that will be showcased on the hotel grounds. This program not only provides local artists with a unique creative space but also enhances the aesthetic and cultural value of the hotel.

The application period for artists is ongoing, now till February 2024, with residency from February to April. Eager applicants can fill in a form here .

As a gesture to welcome new guests to experience BRIX KLIA, they will be offering promotional rates for both long and short-term stays. These include all room setups available at BRIX KLIA, which are their POD, +POD, LOFT, +LOFT, and QUAD. The rooms are able to accommodate solo travellers or even families of 4, with short term and long term stays ranging from RM158 to RM398 a night and RM1,800 to RM4,238 a month for their POD and QUAD room respectively.

Full details of the promotions can be found on their facebook page here:

In terms of convenience, BRIX KLIA has an abundance of facilities that will be beneficial to travellers. These include a gym, laundromat, entertainment room, co-working space, community kitchen, cafeteria, and a 24-hour convenience store, ensuring you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Eager visitors looking to experience eclectic co-living can make bookings through this link:

About BRIX KLIA By Pinetree
BRIX KLIA is Malaysia’s most eclectic CoLiving Urban Hotel on KLIA Avenue. Boasting a fully-functioning co-working space while being located close to the likes of KLIA, KLIA2, Xiamen University and DPulze Shopping Centre. Hosting 87 rooms across 5 floors, get inspired by a vibrantly diverse community environment that allows you to work, live, eat and relax with like-minded people from around the world.