ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024 TRAVEX: A Milestone for Regional Collaboration in Tourism

The ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA) is honoured to announce the commencement of the Travel Exhibition (TRAVEX) at the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024. “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism of Lao PDR for her invaluable support in organising this prestigious event,” said Eddy Krismeidi Soemawilaga, President of ASEANTA.
“This year’s TRAVEX marks a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to the growth and rejuvenation of the ASEAN Tourism Forum,” said Eddy Krismeidi Soemawilaga, President of ASEANTA. “We extend our deepest appreciation to the Government of Lao PDR for the steadfast support and commend the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Information, Communication and Tourism (MICT), ASEANTA, MP Singapore, and Travel Weekly Asia. Together, we embark on a journey to revitalise ATF, building upon the foundations laid since its inception in 1981.”

The organisation of this event is a result of a strong collaboration between MICT and ASEANTA, with MP Singapore serving as the Event Organiser and Travel Weekly Asia as the Official Media Partner. This partnership seeks to address the challenges faced by ATF over the years, particularly focusing on enhancing the consistency of the TRAVEX organiser.
“As the leading tourism body in ASEAN, ASEANTA is poised to lead the charge towards a more robust and rejuvenated ATF,” continued Soemawilaga. “We are fully aware that change takes time, and this year’s scale may not match the peak of ATF’s history. Nevertheless, we are delighted that MICT has boldly stepped forward to support ASEANTA in making this commitment to change the status quo.”
H.E. Madam Suanesavanh Vignaket, Minister of Ministry of Information Culture And Tourism of Lao PDR, expressed her appreciation for the collaborative efforts in organising TRAVEX 2024. “The strong partnership between MICT, ASEANTA, and our esteemed international partners highlights our collective dedication to the growth and revitalization of ASEAN tourism. We are honoured to host this event and look forward to fruitful discussions and collaborations that will shape the future of our region’s tourism industry.”

For TRAVEX 2024, we are pleased to welcome 107 full delegates and 101 co-delegates as sellers, featuring 34 booths and representing 105 companies. Additionally, we have the participation of 70 buyers, 26 media representatives, and 130 trade visitors all ready to actively engage in this annual ASEAN tourism gathering.
“In line with the objectives of ATF, TRAVEX serves as the annual convention of the ASEAN tourism industry, providing a platform for the exchange of ideas, review of industry developments, and the joint formulation of specific recommendations to further accelerate the growth of ASEAN tourism,” added Soemawilaga.
To enhance the impact of TRAVEX, there have been modifications, including the enlargement of the ASEAN Tourism Conference to a two-day event, featuring 34 distinguished speakers.This year’s conference is focused on the theme of ATF 2024: Quality and Responsible Tourism – Sustaining ASEAN Future.
“We believe that these modifications will contribute to the success of TRAVEX and provide a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry leaders,” concluded Soemawilaga.
ASEANTA extended sincere appreciation to the Government of Lao PDR, as represented by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, for entrusting ASEANTA with the organisation of this event. Our gratitude also goes to MP Singapore, serving as the Event Organiser, and Travel Weekly Asia, honoured as the Official Media Partner for the ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024. Thank you for your trust and confidence in our collective efforts.