Brahma Kumaris BK Shivani Introduces Potent Mind-Over-Matter Technique

Even in the best of times, it is difficult to rein in the collective emotions of a crowded hall, more so if it is the massive KLCC Plenary Hall. Yet Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation BK Shivani effortlessly led everyone into a state of meditative peace just with the power of her soothing voice.

She was a picture of serenity, dressed plainly in white and completely calm despite being the centre of attention. Shivani instructed everyone to shut their eyes, at the same time envisioning a bright star at the centre of their forehead.

Powerful affirmations were then silently uttered to bless oneself, family, friends and even foes. According to Shivani, the emotions of an individual are independent of the situation. It may appear that sadness, frustration or stress is directly attributed to the event a person is going through.

For example, a family member may say unkind words which hurt the individual’s feelings. Shivani said the individual is in truth the sole determinant of his or her happiness or sadness.

However, people have been programmed since the day they were born that their emotions are dependent on the situation. Hence they are ignorant of their ability to control their emotions.

Shivani added that with regard to the energies of interaction, energy can either be reflected, absorbed, or transformed. To better elucidate the situation, imagine a situation where a person shouts at another person.

Energy is reflected when a person being shouted upon decides to shout back at the abuser. Energy is absorbed when the person being shouted upon keeps his silence yet the hurt is being internalised. Both ways are not ideal.

Instead, Shivani advocates the transformation of this negative energy into positive energy through internal affirmations. Besides the mitigation of psychological harm in a negative interaction, Shivani also believes in the concept of manifestation. An individual looking to triumph in a certain endeavour may repeat affirmations that state his or her success in advance.

According to her, affirmations uttered by the individual create vibrations which influence the outcome of an event. The two-hour duration of the talk was imperceptible with the wealth of spiritual knowledge being shared.

Yet all these are but a scratch on the surface of the teaching of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organisation. The many secrets of the mind remain hidden in the fore, waiting to be unlocked by the power of meditation which will be freely shared by the organisation.

The end of the talk signifies a beginning for people looking to tame their minds through meditation. All these and more are taught for free at the several Brahma Kumaris centres in Malaysia.