MBT Launch at TRX Exchange

A revolutionary footwear brand available in over 40 countries finally arrives in Malaysia! MBT is here to provide Malaysian with a new approach to enjoy the benefits of footwear, featuring the unique MBT Patented Curved Sole and the other technologically advanced functions of MBT.

MBT, the Swiss Engineered and original Physiological Footwear brand since 1996. MBT, is short for Masai Barefoot Technology. With an adept understand of the human body and its movement, MBT has derived a unique approach to wellness. By promoting comfort in each footstep, we stimulate our wearers to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which then enable them to live and enjoy life to the fullest.
The natural curve of the MBT sole imitates walking on soft and uneven surfaces. Our patented sole technology has been providing the greatest comfort in movement worldwide for 27 years, as it allows you to enjoy the natural benefits of walking. The specific functionality of MBT shoes has been scientifically proven for over ten years by numerous world-renowned institutions and recommended by doctors and fitness trainers.
All MBT Footwear come with the patented MBT Curved sole. The curved sole is comprised of five key components – contoured Polyurethane Insole, Engineered Shank, Midsole with Pivot Axis, MBT SensorTechnologyTM, and Enhanced Traction Outsole – that together promote the gentle rolling motion experienced while wearing MBT Shoes. It is the combination of these specific components, which makes the MBT shoes unique and truly beneficial.

The patented MBT SensorTechnologyTM produces what has been described as a pleasant and
natural feeling, reminiscent of walking on a sandy beach. The Pivot Axis promotes a rolling
movement, which in turn may help increase lower limb muscle activation in your every step.
Over 70 independent studies conducted worldwide have identified that the benefits of MBT’s
curved-sole footwear include improved posture and balance, increased muscle activation, reduced
lower back pain, and enhanced recovery. MBT is a certified class-one medical device in Europe.
Several MBT models, including five performance run styles in its Spring/Summer 2024 catalog,carry the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.
“We have changed lives through movement and want to change it even more. Our shoes are
made for journeys and those looking to get the most out of every step they take.” says MBT Chairman, Andy Chaw.
The brand new 1350 sq-foot MBT store on Level 2 of TRX Exchange offers a plethora of style and designs for both men and women in several categories including Casual, Athletic; Work/Student, Dress. A full-range of designs in each of those categories will enable even the most discerning wearers to find satisfaction.
With sleek and stylish silhouettes, bright colour pops, as well as the popular blacks and browns, there are designs for all occasions, overall the range is more lightweight, more durable and more comfortable than ever, ensuring our consumers can find the perfect pair for their unique journey.
One of the highlights from the Casual collection is the MODENA II Slip On with breathable mesh and faux leather upper and elasticised gore side panels for a comfortable fit is wonderful for a walkabout or even simply lounging.
MBT is available at Level 2.05, The Exchange, TRX, Persiaran TRX, Tun Razak Exchange, 55188
Kuala Lumpur.
MBT is also available at:
1) Lot 1-30, Sunway Velocity, KL
2) Lot 4.44, Pavilion, Damansara Heights
3) 1 Utama – Coming Soon
4) All COMFORT SOLE stores