Global whisky giant, Chivas Regal, continues bringing the ‘I Rise, We Rise’ movement to the people. Returning on a much larger scale, the event on 21 October saw almost 3,000 guests coming together at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre (MIECC) to celebrate the movement’s philosophy of success as a community and the importance of elevating the team that drives you.  

Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ serves as a platform for the brand to elevate and support the next generation of hustlers who are forging their own paths, inspiring a movement among like-minded and determined individuals with a shared passion. This year, the campaign focused on Street Culture, the Art of Mixology and Music as Chivas joins forces with local and international talents from different backgrounds and industries to share their passion and hustle stories of how their teams or partners are the driving force behind their success. 

  • Street Culture: Street fashion or style has become synonymous with freedom of expression, so much so that it has evolved beyond just a trend and into a culture of its own. Street culture has since sparked a community of like-minded creatives and helped many individuals find their voice. This year, Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ is collaborated with a dynamic team of three icons from the local street fashion scene – Deckson of TNTCO and Hamwiches Fashion Group brought onboard his partners Will Lim from DoubleBack, and Yung Kai of Zero Degrees for an exclusive collection that was unveiled at the Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ event. The launch kickstarted with a performance by Kidd Santhe and a troupe of dancers showcasing the collection. The limited-edition pendant cant be purchased from whilst the apparel can be purchased from
  • Art of Mixology: “You are only as strong as the people around you” – a statement that rings true for the dynamic team behind one of Malaysia’s best bars. Fresh from being ranked as one of Asia’s 50 Best Bars within its first year of operation, Penrose continues to make waves in the F&B scene and pushes the envelope in the art of mixology. The success of the bar is credited to the camaraderie and vision shared by a talented team, driven by their passion for the craft. Helmed by Jon Lee and his ‘dream team’ of bartenders – Maria and Lai – Penrose offered guests a sensorial experience that started with a selection of curated scents that led to a menu of delicious Chivas cocktails.
    • ‘Honey + Apple’ scent: Pimento Fizz – A fruity fresh blend of Chivas Regal 12 Years Old, Umeshu, Pimento Berry and Soda
    • ‘Vanilla + Caramel’ scent: Speyside Collins – A refreshing drink with hints of sweetness made up of the Chivas Regal Extra 13 Sherry Cask, Elderflower, Tonka Bean and Citrus
    • ‘Hazelnut + Caramel’ scent: Oak & Barley – A flavourful punch of Chivas Regal XV, Barley, Vermouth and Burnt Sugar
  • Music: In true Chivas fashion, the ‘I Rise, We Rise’ event delivered a stellar lineup of both local and international artists. Along with the charisma and high energy of MC Vibe, guests at Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ enjoyed acts from local powerhouses like DJ JenniF, Joleen, Valent, BATE and Blink, as well as international headliners Rave Republic and the legendary Dash Berlin.

In keeping with the theme of community and collaboration, BATE’s set kicked off with a unique tie-up with the talented Elva Suyan and was accompanied by an orchestra, bringing together a blend of unique music styles for a performance to remember.  


With the introduction of the Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ movement last year, the brand continues to embrace a contemporary new era that aims to inspire a new generation of Scotch whisky drinkers who are thirsty for new experiences and brands that share their drive for success. The ‘I Rise, We Rise’ campaign was created for the HUSTLE generation – those who forge their own paths and elevate themselves as well as others around them. 

The global movement spotlights personalities and brands that resonate with the philosophy of success as a community, as well as the spirit of collaboration and conviviality. 

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