Montelobos Mezcal New Range Introduction

Mezcal, the fastest-growing category of agave spirits, it presents diverse aroma and taste profiles, from sweet and fruity to earthy, pungent, and even medicinal. It also lends itself to a wide variety of food pairings. Fans of the Mezcal expect certain flavours such as Fresh Herbs, Cooked Agave, Spices and of course, with a hint of smokiness.

Today, we proudly introduce 3 new members of Montelobos Mezcal under the Campari group portfolios, besides Montelobos Espadin which started available in year 2022: –

  • Montelobos Ensamble
  • Montelobos Tobala
  • Montelobos Pechuga


Montelobos Mezcal is more than a decade, was founded by Iván Saldaña, the master distiller, and fifth generation mezcalero Don Abel López Mateos. Ivan worked with obsessive dedication to produce a unique spirit that pays homage to Mexico’s culture and heritage. The result of centuries of ancient mezacalero craft and enlightened by the methodical pursuit of perfection, Montelobos Espadín, Montelobos Pechuga, Montelobos Tobâla and Montelobos Ensamble each spotlight a tribute to the home of Oaxaca and tell the story of the land and the environment of which Montelobos came to be. Montelobos is an unmistakable symbol of Mexican territory and craftsmanship. A unique spirit, meticulously crafted with the same traditional and artisanal mezcal techniques used for 500 years.

The Product
Montelobos Espadin

Montelobos Espadín was created with the aim of showing the complex but perfect balance between the four basic flavor profiles in artisanal mezcal: green agave, cooked agave, smoke, and wild fermentation.

  • Color: Crystalline with pearl sparkles.
  • Nose: Damp earth, freshly cut grass, honey, citrus, asparagus and smoke.
  • Taste: Perfect balance between cooked and green maguey, nuts, herbal and smoke.

Montelobos Ensamble

Made using papalote agave, complemented with espadin and tobala agave. Montelobos Ensamble is made from a blend of agaves: an explosion of contrasting flavors, with body and acidity that highlights smoke and fruit.

  • Color: Bright with bluish silver sparkles.
  • Nose: Cooked agave, smoke and citrus.
  • Taste: Capers, nutmeg and pink pepper.

Montelobos Tobala

Montelobos Tobalà is an unaged joven mezcal crafted with tobala agave, roasted underground, wild fermented in open pine wood vats and small-batch copper distilled for the perfect balance of green agave, sweetness and subtle smoke.

  • Color: Clear with bright platinum.
  • Nose: Lemon, licorice, green pepper, pear, citrus and spices.
  • Taste: Basil, roasted fig, macadamia and truffle.

Montelobos Pechuga

Montelobos Pechuga is a Mezcal Espadin distilled for a third time with turkey breast, seasonal fruit and spices. An homage to Oaxacan traditions, with an experimental twist.

The brand launched its Pechuga expression (“breast” in Spanish) refers to the fact that the mezcal has been flavored with turkey breast, fruit and spices. This might sound like some modern gimmick, but it’s a very old tradition that mezcaleros have been using for a long time to create a unique take on the spirit. It’s definitely one worth giving a try ”Chicken Breast Mezcal”  Montelobos Pechuga.

  • Color: Crystalline with pearl sparkles.
  • Nose: Orange peel, pumpkin in tacha and nutmeg.
  • Taste: Tropical fruits, roasted almonds and maple honey.

Where To Find?

Montelobos Mezcal are also available at the following retail chain outlets such as Hanks, Mercato, Village Grocer, The Food Merchant and many more.

Campari Malaysia along with its importer Luen Heng F&B are honoured to partner with Undisclosed Location for an unparalleled Asian-Mexican gastronomic journey, harmoniously complemented by Montelobos’ newest mezcal.

Address: 1, Jalan SS 4c/5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

The Menu
1st Course

Smoked Baby Octopus Son Tam – paired with Montelobos Espadin

2nd Course

Melaka Asam Fish Taco & Chile Lime Prawn with Mango Salsa Taco – paired with Montelobos Ensamble

3rd Course
Grilled Ribeye Fajitas on Spicy Kimchi Fried Rice & Avocado


Lamb Churizo Flautas with Peratal Curry & Guacamole

– Both dishes are paired with Montelobos Tobala

4th Course

Thai Mango Sticky Rice with Mezcal Coconut Cream – paired with Montelobos Pechuga

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