Puma’s Inaugural Car Club Event In Southeast Asia: A Roaring Success

PUMA’s first-ever Car Club event in Southeast Asia, held at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur, was an adrenaline-packed success as it merged Motorsport, style, entertainment, and gastronomy in a spectacular show of passion.
The event was a testament to PUMA’s deep dive into the world of Motorsport, a space where
passion meets style. Echoing the brand’s tagline, “Forever Faster”, the event represented PUMA’s
commitment to the fast-paced, ever-evolving spirit of Motorsport. PUMA’s involvement in the
sport has superseded that of any other sports brand in the world, resonating with the brand’s
aspiration to stay ahead and be at the forefront of athletic fashion and lifestyle.

“The exhilarating momentum around motorsports in the Southeast Asian region is undeniable,
and our successful Car Club event is a testament to that. While other lifestyle brands dip their
toes in, PUMA dives deep, building robust partnerships with the automotive industry’s finest
brands while making significant strides in Formula 1 as well. This is just the beginning; the
potential here is massive, and we’re dedicated to fuelling and expanding this passion in the years
to come,” said Sanjay Roy, Area General Manager of PUMA Southeast Asia & Oceania (SEAO).

From the outset, attendees were transported into the world of racing and high-speed thrills. A
slew of on-site activities and electric performances were specially prepared for visitors, which gave them a taste of what it meant to be part of PUMA’s thrilling world of Motorsport.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly Choo Sung-hoon, a.k.a. Sexyama’s energetic
participation. His appointment as PUMA’s SEA Motorsport Ambassador was met with much
enthusiasm by the fans and attendees. Choo encapsulated the brand’s commitment to
Motorsport, sharing his personal connection between the thrills of MMA and the exhilarating
world of racing. His presence exemplified the fusion of athleticism, entertainment, and the
essence of “Forever Faster.”
“When it comes to MMA and Motorsports, they both require a lot of focus to be able to excel
and do well. I am now getting older, but I will continue to work hard. Working with PUMA, I feel
like I can inspire them to be the same and continue to be an icon of hope for middle aged men!”
said Choo.
Adding that this was his first time in Malaysia, Choo said, “This is my first time here. I’ve always
wanted to visit and meet Malaysians, and I’m happy to be able to be here today. I’m surprised
that so many of you appeared tonight and I hope everyone continues to show love and support
to PUMA,” he said to the crowd.

Apart from that, among the vibrant crowd were some of the biggest names in the influencer
arena. Their presence at the event not only amplified the celebration but also showcased PUMA’s
pivotal role in shaping the Motorsport narrative in fashion and lifestyle.

The event was also graced by the PUMA Car Club community’s leaders from Malaysia, Singapore,
and Indonesia, all of whom are pioneering figures in their respective domains. Their shared passion for Motorsport and the brand showcased the powerful blend of community and commerce.

PUMA’s inaugural Car Club event was not just a celebration of a new collection of apparel, but a
testament to the brand’s vision and commitment to Motorsport. As the world races forward,
PUMA promises to remain Forever Faster, leading the way in style, performance, and passion.
“Our inaugural Car Club event in Southeast Asia was more than a gathering—it was a celebration
of our shared passion for motorsports and style. Seeing the community’s reaction to Choo Sung-
hoon’s, a.k.a. Sexyama’s, appearance and diving deep into the activities tailored for them, it is
evident that our dedication resonates with our audience. Our plans don’t stop here. We are
gearing up for a series of initiatives and collaborations that will let motorsports enthusiasts

express their fervor and be even more deeply immersed in this electrifying world,” said Eleanor
Wang, Head of Marketing, PUMA Southeast Asia.
Also present at the event was Robert Knapp, the Head of Product Line Management for PUMA
Motorsport Footwear, who added, “There is so much excitement for our car brands and for car
culture in general in Southeast Asia. The potential is huge in the region. And we are the only
Lifestyle brand which is working with the best brands in the car industry – and in Formula 1!”
Knapp also teased about exciting new ventures to come, adding that PUMA has plans to help all
passionate car enthusiasts to express their passion for Motorsport, not only with this event – but
with different initiatives.
The inaugural Car Club event in Southeast Asia by PUMA aside, PUMA’s latest Autumn Winter
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