Rockafellers Petaling Jaya: Why Go Elsewhere

Introducing The Olive Tree Group’s 25th Outlet and the 7th installation of the Rockafellers Kitchen +Bar series, a popular dining establishment has now opened its doors at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Nestled amidst the vibrant cityscape. Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar Petaling Jaya offers a unique culinary experience that combines delectable food, a lively ambience, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal, a place to unwind after work or a venue to celebrate special occasions, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar Petaling Jaya has something to offer for everyone.

The restaurant’s interior design reflects a trendy and modern atmosphere with a touch of retro aesthetics. The spacious dining area features a mix of comfortable booth seating, sleek tables, and a well-stocked bar serving various beverages, including signature cocktails, draught beers, and an extensive selection of wines, whiskeys and spirits. The lighting is dimmed to create a cosy and relaxed ambience, making it an ideal spot for intimate gatherings or a night out with friends.

When it comes to the menu, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar Petaling Jaya excels in offering a diverse range of dishes inspired by both British and Irish flavours with a little touch of Asian. The kitchen is known for its commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients to deliver flavoursome and visually appealing plates. From tantalizing appetizers and hearty mains to decadent desserts, the menu caters to various tastes and dietary preferences.

For starters, you can indulge in their selection of soups and salads. Moving on to the main course, their selection of burgers, pastas, pies and pizzas are particularly popular among diners. The Rockafellers Lamb Burger, topped with pulled Rogan Josh, pickled red onions and Garlic Roasted Lamb Marrow, is a must-try. Seafood lovers can savour dishes like Salmon with Lemon & Anchovy Rosemary Butter or Fisherman’s Seafood Pizza. Vegetarian options are also available, such as the mouth-watering Aubergine- Spinach Burger and the flavourful Mediterranean Veggie Pizza.

In addition to the regular menu, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar offers lunch specials, ensuring there’s always something new to try. Whether it’s a creative twist on a classic dish or a seasonal delight, these specials showcase the culinary expertise and innovation of the kitchen team.

Apart from its delicious food and refreshing drinks, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar is known for its friendly and attentive staff. The service is prompt and efficient, adding to the overall dining experience. The restaurant also hosts local bands, creating an energetic and entertaining atmosphere.

Located in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar is easily accessible and often frequented by locals and visitors alike. The surrounding area offers a vibrant social scene with various shopping, entertainment, and leisure options. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a great meal, unwind with friends, or simply soak up the lively ambience, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar is a destination that delivers on all fronts.

Overall, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, is a dynamic dining establishment that offers a memorable experience for food enthusiasts and socializers alike. With its enticing menu, stylish ambience, and attentive service, it has earned a reputation as a go-to spot for those seeking a delightful culinary journey in the heart of Petaling Jaya.