EQ unveils signature mooncakes in multiple, stylish gift forms

The custom of mooncake gifting stems from the days when hardworking farmers would finally be able to rest from their labours once the harvest had been gathered. Thankful to the collective work of the farming community, landowners would distribute gift of mooncakes and take the opportunity to visit fellow farmsteads to celebrate a successful harvest.

EQ continues the tradition of gratitude gifting, with its range of delicious traditional mooncake and snow skin variants, in a variety of packaging to suit all gifting needs. For the Mid-autumn Festival 2023, which is celebrated on 29 September, the mooncake masters at EQ have crafted a variety of authentic treats. Traditional baked mooncake variants include the EQ Signature Pearl of Harmony, Low Sugar White Lotus Single Yolk, Traditional Cantonese Mixed Nuts, Pandan Lotus, and Red Bean. EQ’s famed mini baked mooncakes are available in sets of four in Green Tea, and Pure Lotus flavours.

Snow skin variants include the much sought after Golden Charcoal Musang King Durian, which is an EQ signature item, as well as Emerald Yuzu Pandan, Mint Chocolate, Hawaiian Nut, Butterfly Pea Flower Vitagen White Lotus, Red Bean Custard, and Sun-dried Scallop Mixed Nuts.
Individual mooncakes can be purchased exclusively at the Mid-autumn Festival pop-up booths located at the hotel lobby. The Celestial Treasures range will also be available at all Kampachi and Ippudo restaurants, Thyme Out at the AICB Building from 1 July onwards, and the pop-up store at Pavilion KL Centre Court from September onwards. Prices range from RM28 to RM38 for baked mooncakes, and RM28 to RM48 for the snow skin variants.
There will also be early bird offers, with a 20 percent discount for purchases from 1 -31 July 2023, and 15 percent discount from 1-31 August 2023. Bulk purchase orders of 20 or more boxes will receive 10 percent off. There is a 15 percent discount for the purchase of 50
boxes and above, and 20 percent for the purchase of 100 boxes and above.
Beautifully designed gift boxes are also available, with the Autumn Box priced at RM268 for a set of four baked mooncakes, or RM288 for a set of six snow skin mooncakes. The Autumn Box is a bespoke valise-style bag with a functional carry handle, complete with a set of metal cutlery to enjoy the mooncakes with.
The Longevity Box is a traditional, classic box crafted from PU leather, with a design inspired by the Legend of the Jade Rabbit from Chinese folklore. It contains either a set of four baked mooncakes (RM198), or a set of six snow skin mooncakes (RM218).
The Mini Mooncake Box is a nostalgic tribute to the former Equatorial hotel, featuring a classic box in orange, with a motif inspired by the Legend of the Jade Rabbit. It contains a set of eight mini baked mooncakes in pure lotus and green tea flavours, priced at RM88.
The gold standard of the Celestial Treasures range is the Premium Collection Box, a luxury, classic red PU leather case which includes either a premium Liquor VSOP or Bottega Prosecco Gold. The set of four baked mooncakes and VSOP is priced at RM888, while the set of four snow skin mooncakes and Bottega Prosecco Gold retails at RM688.
EQ also provides a bespoke gift creation service, which customises items from the Celestial Treasures range for corporate clients, as well as individual gifting. EQ’s Celestial Treasures are available for order via WhatsApp at +60 12 278 9239 or via email at dineateqkl@kul.equatorial.com.