Shangri- La Kuala Lumpur WelcomesThe Dragon Boat Festival With Signature Rice Dumpling Collections

To celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur is pleased to share our exquisite rice dumplings collection from 7 May to 22 June 2023.
The Dragon Boat Festival traditionally falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, when family and
friends come together to honour their cultural roots, strengthen relationships, and celebrate through various activities, such as dragon boat races, the consumption of rice dumplings, or “Zongzi” to celebrate the joys of life.

Meticulously crafted by our Shang Palace culinary expert, led by Chef Terence Foong, these dumplings
feature a range of sweet and savoury rice dumplings with a unique twist. Featuring a variety of nourishing
Chinese ingredients, wholesome grains, and luxurious fillings that blend Asian and Western delicacies.
The unique and decadent rice dumpling has (6) six flavour with a net weight of 130g, making it a perfect
treat for a family or individual indulgence, price starting from RM38 nett.
I) Pad Kra Pao Mou Flavoured Dumpling, a tantalizing taste of Chicken Drumstick with basil
herbs, chilli padi, garlic infused in fish sauce, oyster sauce and black soy sauce.
II) Yunnan Mushroom Dumpling has a mix of rich, nutty flavours of Porcini, Bai Ling mushroom
and whole mushroom.
III) Sweetened Purple Rice with Vanilla Custard Dumpling consists of sweet purple potato, rich in
antioxidant black glutinous rice mixed with white glutinous rice and creamy coconut cream.
IV) White Lotus and Truffle Honey Dumpling, with white lotus seed paste and honey truffle.
V) Fujian Dumpling, consist of abalone, smoked duck, whole mushroom and premium dried shrimps.
VI) XO Sauce, Foie Gras and Roasted Chicken Dumpling, made with duck liver, pungent premium
Conpoy scallop, roasted chicken thigh, dried chestnut, lotus seed, mushroom, premium dried
shrimp, and XO sauce.

In addition to the rice dumplings collection, gift boxes are available for those who want to share the joy of the Dragon Boat Festival. These delectable treats are presented in a lavish, custom-designed packaging box, making them the perfect gift for family, friends, and loved ones.

• Shang Palace Signature Hong Kong Rice Dumpling Gift Box (600g); contains abalone, assorted
meat, nuts, and salted egg, making it a perfect gift for those who love traditional flavors at RM158
• The Heritage of Asia Gift Box (160g); features six flavors of rice dumplings, including the Pad
Kra Pao Mou Dumpling, Yunnan Mushroom Dumpling, and Sweetened Purple Rice with Vanilla
Custard Dumpling, among others at RM278 nett.
For those who prefer to mix and match their flavors, Shang Palace Gift Box offers the option to choose
individual flavors or mix and match rice dumplings and create a personalized gift box.
Commemorates this festive occasion by savoring these mouth-watering rice dumplings that truly capture
the essence of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Available from 7th May to 22nd June 2023 for delivery and takeaways, pre-orders are available now for self-pickup or delivery from 7th May 2023 onwards. For purchase visit https://boutique.shangri- or call +603 2074 3900 or email restaurantreservations.slkl@shangri- to place your order. Use promo code “SLC10DBF” and save 10% on your first order on Shangri-La
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