International Chocolatiers Quanta and Piccadeli Celebrate Malaysian
Launch with Malaysia’s Unique Assorted Chocolate Party Pack

Sweet tooths in Malaysia are in for a treat this new year!
International chocolatiers Quanta and Piccadeli are bringing pure chocolate indulgence to
local stores nationwide, with premium Gulf-made chocolate crafted with 100% pure cocoa
butter. In addition to their classic creamy chocolate bars and crispies, the brands are also
launching exclusive new flavours and mixed assortment party packs unique to Malaysia.

From luscious caramel fillings and chunky jumbo bars to crunchy wafers and crispie-coated
cereals, the signature Quanta Break Trio Mix (RM13.90) party pack is perfect for sharing
on any occasion (or even on-the-go snacking).
The fun doesn’t stop there! For those who prefer a chewier texture, savour cocoa-rich, low-
calorie nougat cubes in the fun-sized Quanta Squares (RM12.90). Both packs contain the
best-selling varieties of Quanta’s beloved chocolate bars, and flavours from other markets
across the globe.

Alternatively, munch away at the selection of ‘Silka’-smooth chocolate and unique
assortment of chocolate snack bars in the Piccadeli Party Mix (RM11.90) and Piccadeli
Snack Treats (RM9.90).

“Just like the saying ‘life is a box of chocolates’, Quanta has always loved sharing the variety
and excitement that you can only get with the child-like joy of eating chocolate! Our signature
party packs really embody that spirit of sharing. Growing into this new market, we hope to
draw inspiration from the diversity of Malaysian culture to create even more unique flavours
that will captivate local taste buds and be the new go-to for premium chocolate that can be
enjoyed anywhere and anytime,” shares Lim Ming Fei, MD of Lim Soon Huat Agency
Sdn. Bhd. (ALSH), the official local distributor of Quanta and Piccadeli’s products.
Quanta and Piccadeli’s chocolate delights are halal-certified and are now available at
leading convenience stores, petrol stations, and supermarkets nationwide — including CU,
MyNews, KK Supermart, Emart24, Aeon, NSK, Shell, Petronas, Petron, Caltex, and many

Refined chocolate-making process as smooth as butter
A leading brand originating from the United Arab Emirates, Quanta crafts its chocolate with
only the finest, carefully sourced ingredients that embody the luxury of the Gulf.
While mass-produced chocolate often uses a compound coating made of cocoa powder and
vegetable oil, Quanta’s process of creation revolves around the use of 100% pure cocoa
butter. Extracted directly from imported cocoa beans, the butter becomes the base for the
rich, indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth goodness that defines Quanta’s chocolate experience.
“While accessible prices have always been our aim, we are also very particular about the
quality of chocolates we bring in. Both these chocolates are made in-house at facilities in

the United Arab Emirates, with Quanta specialising in the premium market while Piccadeli
offers great value at affordable prices. We take great pride in sharing this refined process
with Malaysians — elevating chocolates into more than just a product, but also an
experience to be enjoyed,” adds Lim.