Citarasa Nipah At Eq Is Back With An Outstanding Showcase Of Malaysia’s Diverse Culinary Heritage

During the holy month of Ramadan, EQ’s famed Malay Chef Muhammad Hajral Lisarni will be your guide to the gastronomic splendour that is traditional Malay fare at Nipah. Chef Hajral has planned a lavish spread of evergreen flavours that are true to the traditional methods of Malay food preparation, with the hopes of bringing back fond memories of passionate slow cooking and the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends and family. Citarasa Nipah’s buffet this year will feature both the traditional and innovative takes on Malaysian favourites.

One of the most emblematic dishes of Malaysian cuisine, EQ’s signature satay, will also be featured prominently. The carvery features kambing golek as an additional meat option (roasted whole lamb). Chef Hajral’s signature Nasi Beriani Kambing Batu Pahat, which will be served with nasi beriani and vegetable dhal, also features lamb as a main ingredient.

The other foods in the reserve will be dishes like Gulai Lemak Cili Padi Daging Salai, Sambal Tumis Udang Harimau, Ayam Goreng Mamu, Tulang Rawan Gulai Kawah, Kerabu Daging, and Popia Basah Ala Nipah. Lompat Tikam Sago and Som Som Gula Melaka, a sweet local dessert, will be featured.

Chef Hajral maintains that native Malaysians will always miss the authentic tastes of their home, despite the prevalence of modern, simplified versions of some classic Malay dishes. For this spread, the recipes have been used for decades and handed down from a bygone era, before the invention of time-saving kitchen appliances. Chef Hajral explains that the secret to the success of these recipes is that they were passed down from generations of women who spent hours slaving over the stove to achieve the coveted “trifecta” of tenderness, richness, and consistency.

Making a resplendent return, Citarasa Nipah now offers a widest variety of delicious kerabu (local salad) prepared by Chef de Partie Saadiah, another fan-favorite from last year! Chef Saadiah is a kerabu expert who has modernised our humble yet traditional kerabu and elevating it to new gastronomic heights that are bound to tickle even the most discerning palates. She promises that each day there will be a good amount of sampling of the 41 different kerabu; no two days will ever be alike. She whips up special sauces, flavoured with aromatic oil and sambal belacan that is certain to get us hooked yet again. Usual favourites like freshly shucked oysters, mussels, tiger prawns, baby scallops, and more will be among the fresh seafood on ice. 

Mr. Gerard Walker, General Manager of EQ Kuala Lumpur, believes the Nipah spread is the kind of thing that will make people nostalgic for simpler times. “It’s true that people’s priorities change over time, but they’ll always appreciate a good outing and an opportunity to catch up with friends in none other than our charming restaurant, where you can enjoy Chef Hajral and Chef Saadiah’s delectable creations?” he adds. 

Opening Hours 

Citarasa Nipah is available at Nipah from 23 March – 21 April 2023
from 6.30PM – 10.30PM. 

Early Bird Vouchers

  • RM188+ per adult

Redemption Period: 23-26 March and 19-21 April 2023


Group Vouchers

  • RM208+ per adult

Minimum of 12 vouchers required

Redemption Period: 23 March –  21 April 2023


Buffet Dinner

  • 23 March –  21 April 2023
  • RM228+ per adult | RM114+ per child age 6-12

Reservations are recommended. Guests may email WhatsApp +60122789239 or book through TableApp at