Nautical Insight Sdn. Bhd & Swiss-belhotel International Collaborates To Elevate The Economic Growth Of Malaysia’s Hospitality Industry

Malaysia as a destination of choice for business and leisure is expected to strengthen further with the joined forces of two hospitality market leaders; Nautical Insight Sdn. Bhd (NISB), a Malaysian hospitality company, and Swiss-Belhotel International Limited (SBI), a renowned Hong Kong hospitality group recognized as one of the world’s fastest-growing hotel management groups.  

The two market leaders shared at the press conference their plans to open a new joint venture company with a fifty-percent ownership share each. The new company will adopt NISB’s expertise and insight into Malaysia’s hospitality demands and SBI’s expertise in global hotel management; to manage over 10 existing hotels or 2,000 hotel rooms in the country.


The initiative aims to elevate and enhance the value of existing hotels in the country with international standards, alongside an international brand name. SBI has penetrated the Malaysian market over the years starting with Swiss-Belhotel Kuantan and their newest Swiss-Belexpress Nilai, which will soon open its doors. Through hotel guest surveys, the Swiss-Belhotel name has succeeded to attract local and loyal international Swiss-Belhotel guests for its international-level standard operating procedures.

Mr. Gavin M. Faull, Chairman, and President of Swiss-Belhotel International said, “We are delighted to partner with Nautical Insight which understands this market well. We see tremendous growth potential for our respective companies in Malaysia and will be aggressively pursuing development opportunities throughout the country. Focused on high-growth markets in South East Asia, our expansion is driven by long-term sustainability while strengthening our diverse portfolio of brands.”

La Crista Hotel Melaka (owned by NISB), a Muslim-friendly hotel in the heart of Melaka, also home to Novoid Arena which is the largest e-sports Arena in the South Region of Malaysia, will be the first hotel to experience the benefits of the joint venture. The local hotel will be provided with new and improved international-quality staff training, facilities, marketing strategies, and more. 

YBhg. Dato’ Rosthman Ibrahim, Managing Director of Nautical Insight shared,We are thrilled to partner with Swiss-Belhotel International and look forward to combining the strengths of both our companies. We believe that LaCrista’s better understanding of local culture and requirements can benefit the partnership in providing exquisite services to the customers. With the local knowledge and extensive networking that Nautical Insight has in Malaysia, we are confident that the partnership will deliver guests the exceptional hospitality that the brand is known for with outstanding products perfectly suited for the local market.”

Future guests can expect top-notch hospitality in Malaysia very soon with the vast portfolio of the Swiss-Belhotel brand name such as; Swiss-Belhotel catered for the upper midscale market; Grand Swiss-Belhotel catered for the upper upscale market; Swiss-Belresidences catered for the upper upscale residences and Maua, catered for luxurious eco-friendly retreats.

The tourism and hospitality industry is known for its vital role as a significant catalyst of global economic growth in driving the socio-economic development of Malaysia. Additionally, the initiative is also poised to expand the employment market and create more jobs for Malaysians in the hospitality industry. Through this joint venture, NISB and SBI are predicting a  tremendous increase in their revenue projections with the increased value of local properties and hotel brands by the year 2025.

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