Cheetah and Jovian Mandagie Vivified Local Fashion with Unveiling of Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Cheetah Malaysia unveiled its latest tennis inspired, Summer/ Spring 2022 (S/S 22’) Collection recently at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur. The showcase featured adopted styles from the nineties and is Dato’ Jovian Mandagie’s first fashion show with Cheetah as its creative director. The collection also marks a new beginning in the brand’s design direction, in efforts to refresh the company’s current line of clothing to suit the trending fast fashion market. This marked Cheetah’s first ever fashion show since 1989 and is set to be one of the biggest fashion shows in Malaysia.

With 70 models on the runway, the collection featured looks inspired by the style and ambience from the Wimbledon Championships. Specially curated by Dato’ Jovian himself, this collection represents Cheetah’s further interest in setting its sights on the urban market and to continuously appeal to its current and potential market segment while strengthening its local and global footing in the fashion arena.

At the event, Dato’ Jovian reminisced his best childhood memories wearing Cheetah attire for school activities, which led to his inspiration for this collection. “My first collection for Cheetah is very sentimental, it goes way back to 28 years ago, when my mother bought me my first Cheetah outfit for Physical Education (PE) classes. It felt really good to be wearing branded clothes for the first time and I remember feeling so proud wearing Cheetah at that very moment,” revealed Dato’ Jovian Mandagie.

“To be given the opportunity to design this whole collection with Cheetah is such a great honour for me. We worked immensely hard for this collection to ensure that it is up to perfection, especially for the millennial group. Through this collection, we wish to enhance the spirit of ‘supporting homegrown brands’ so that more people will realise that we do have great brands in our own country to be proud of,” Dato’ Jovian Mandagie emphasised further.

The nineties fashion saw the emergence from a glamazon era punctuated by low maintenance and affordable clothing brands taking centre stage. Consumers were influenced by a combination of sportswear and streetwear outfits which has morphed into today’s athleisure. With the firm belief that this approach is evergreen and always relevant to the current living style, Cheetah blended in the idea and translated it into this collection.

The S/S 22’ Collection is a combination of sports and lifestyle that blends both fashion and comfort to create a complete line for men, women and children. With carefully selected materials and a touch of fusion colour palette mixture, the design of this collection signifies a refreshing approach by Cheetah.

In the coming months, Cheetah and Dato’ Jovian Mandagie will draw inspiration to provide new collections, as well as to upscale Cheetah staples to be more relevant and more in tune with the needs of the young consumers, which represents the key target market.

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