Evoking The Goddess Of Ayurveda Level 2 With Dileri Sadhana & Sujata Nandy



‘Ayurveda,’ literally means  the science of life and by this, it means, living in harmony internally and externally. This is a rare insight of Ayurveda, where we combine the Triple Goddess against the backdrop of the tri-doshas (i.e. our body constitution or state of being). No one has ever merged the triple Goddess of Saraswati, Durga and Laxmi to provide insights as to how they play a vital role in our daily state of being!! This is truly a one-of-a-kind workshop and experience!


You will be guided on evoking the Goddess of Ayurveda in a 3 hour workshop that includes meditation techniques, food habits and ways to listen to what your body needs in order to lead a healthier life.


You will discover the language of your body through an experiential journey while receiving your very own Body Bible with tips on nutrition, emotional healing and dis-ease management based on your Doshas (Body Constitution).


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